Make Your Home Safer With These 5 Easy Tips

Make Your Home Safer With These 5 Easy Tips. We all worry about our home’s safety from time to time – it’s a totally natural fear that someone might break in and harm you, or steal your belongings. Especially if you have children, this worry can be even more present in your mind. While there is no point in being paranoid about home invasions, it is good to be aware of how safe your home actually is.

If you have noticed that you might need to improve your home’s safety but are stuck for ideas, here are five easy tips that will help you make your home safer!

Invest in a multi-lock back door.

Your front door would be the most obvious point of entry for a burglar – or so you might think. Research shows that many home invasions occur through the back door, as these doors are often less secure, and are easier to break in through. You might have a back door with a single turn-key lock that would be easy to get through if force was used.

To make your home safer, you may want to invest in a multi-lock back door that is just as solid as your main home entrance. This will leave fewer options for a burglar to potentially enter your home.

Check your windows and consider replacements.

Next on this list is your windows. Windows are, of course, fragile – nobody’s installing iron-clad windows! While you shouldn’t be going as far as to reinforce your windows with bulletproof glass (unless you happen to be James Bond), you should check out your windows and see how strong they are.

The method of opening your window – be it a latch, a push-button handle or even using a key – will determine its strength. If your window is easily pushed open, perhaps consider a window replacement.

Put gravel on your driveway.

When it comes to home invasions, prevention is a far better policy than reaction. You want potential burglars to be deterred away from even trying to enter your home. By putting gravel on your driveway if you have one, you make life much harder for someone who wants to break in. 

Firstly, they’d have to pull a vehicle onto your driveway, which is very noisy. If they didn’t do this, they would have to carry things back and forth from the house – not exactly ideal for a quick getaway!

A gravel driveway is also aesthetically very beautiful and will add value to your home as well! There’s really no downside to installing a gravel driveway as a safe and beautiful addition to your home.

Get a dog!

Remember what we said about deterrents? A dog is your best bet. All dogs, even friendly ones, bark when a stranger comes to the door. Psychologically, it is their way of alerting their pack – i.e, your family – to the approach of a newcomer. 

If your dog is medium-sized or large, its bark will be deep and loud. To a burglar, this is a threat. Even if your dog is a soft, loving, sweet dog as soon as someone steps into the home, an intruder will not know this. Simply by having a dog who barks at the door, you are likely to deter burglars very effectively. 

If you do get a dog, it is wise to have it professionally trained if you’d like your dog to be a protective guard dog. Unless you have good knowledge of how to train a protection dog, letting a dog be aggressive toward strangers can be dangerous without proper help.

Install CCTV on your doorstep.

Finally, CCTV cameras are a very effective deterrent that is guaranteed to make your home safer. Having a single CCTV camera in decent view on your porch or doorstep will make any intruder turn and run a mile. CCTV cameras can be used to feed information back to the relevant authorities, and nobody wants to be caught on camera in the middle of a burglary!

Doorstep cameras are not as expensive as you may think and are highly sought after by modern homeowners looking to increase their safety. You can even have an app on your phone that feeds directly to the camera, so you know who is on the doorstep before you open it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your home safer and protect yourself against potential home invasions, this guide is here to help you! Make these changes and you are guaranteed to increase your home safety by a mile.