Why It’s Important For Your Kids To See You Run Your Business

We’re always told that when you run a business, you need to keep it in its own space. That means both literally (have an office or at least somewhere with a door to keep it away from the rest of the house if you’re working from home) and figuratively (the work-life balance is crucial, so bringing your business into everyday life might be frowned upon), but is that one hundred percent accurate? Should you keep your work and home life entirely separate or can there be some overlap? 

The answer is that it depends on what you do, how you do it, and what your home life is like, but for moms (or mompreneurs might be a better title), combining the two once in a while might be a great idea because it’s important for your kids to see you run your business, and here are some of the reasons why. 

Instill A Strong Work Ethic

One of the biggest advantages of letting your kids see you working on your business, at least occasionally, is that it can help to instill a strong work ethic in them, and that’s something that will help them massively as they get older, whether they go on to start their own business or work for someone else. 

When children see their parents working hard, they’ll learn how valuable that hard work is and they’ll see the positive results that come from it. That’s a great way to show them that success isn’t usually just handed out and that they need to work for it, which is a great attitude to have at home and in school. 

You Can Bond

Funnily enough, although part of the idea of keeping your home and work lives separate is so you can spend time with your family without work getting in the way, if you run your own business, it might be that you can use it to help bond with your kids, so it’s a win-win situation. 

You can get them to help you design packing tissue papers, for example, or to package up products to send out to customers. Although they probably shouldn’t interact with customers directly (it will depend on their age, of course), they can definitely help out behind the scenes and you can make some fun memories together without even realizing it. 

Teach Responsibility 

Something else that can happen when your kids see you working on your business is that they’ll learn more about responsibility, whether that’s managing finances, making important decisions, or just the fact that people have to work, for example. 

When your child sees you being responsible, they’ll want to do the same thing, and as they get older, they’ll be able to think of how you ran your business and use those lessons to ensure they make good decisions and think about things in a responsible way before they take any action. It’s this kind of practical experience that really can’t be beaten, and since you’ve got all the tools right there to teach them, why not make the most of it?