How Healthcare Organizations Are Losing Money

Everyone knows that hospitals and other healthcare businesses require a lot of money to run. In addition to the high salaries that doctors usually earn, there are many other expensive costs, from medications to equipment. However, many organizations could be losing money that they don’t need to, due to a range of reasons. It’s possible that they could save a lot of money if only they changed a few things.


Expensive Equipment


Expensive medical equipment is essential to provide many treatments and perform various procedures. However, it’s possible that they don’t need to cost hospitals and clinics as much as they do. Equipment has ongoing costs, but many organizations could be paying too much due to a lack of resources and specialized expertise to care for their equipment.


High-performing Specialists


Many hospitals have high-performing specialist doctors and surgeons, many of whom can perform innovative procedures that may not be available elsewhere. These doctors naturally require large salaries and plenty of benefits to get them to stay. However, their complex procedures might not be so valuable for very long as more doctors start to perform them and new procedures and treatments are developed.


Healthcare Fraud


Healthcare fraud is also responsible for lost money in many hospitals and healthcare businesses. It could account for up to 5% of total costs in healthcare, while billing costs and collection drive up expenses even further. Accountants are required to help deal with not just this problem but the other financial issues that affect organizations in healthcare.

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham