Make Moving Easier With a Great Realtor

Moving house can be a daunting experience. There’s an awful lot to consider, from deciding on where to live to the stressful process of selling your own house.


There’s a lot to get right, from price to packers and of course the realtor you choose to help sell your home.


In this blog we take a look at some things your realtor can do for you to make the move easier and how to find one that will take care of your house sale.

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Know the Difference


You’re looking for a realtor over a real estate agent and here’s why. To classify yourself as a realtor you need to be properly trained and certified. When you choose a realtor, you’re choosing someone who belongs to an accredited community of professionals and this peace of mind is crucial when it comes to selling your home.


Your realtor is also more likely to have access to more information on house sales in your area and know the market better.


Go By Reputation


There are probably several big name real estate offices in your area but you’re looking to find a specific realtor who has a stellar reputation. Ask friends and family who they used and if they would recommend them. At the very least you’ll be able to rule out those who don’t fit the bill.


Once you’ve found a name who comes highly recommended, do a little online research. Take a look at their online profile and see how they come across in their professional outline and then make an appointment to meet them.


The Plan


When you do meet up with your potential realtor you’re looking for them to find you a unique plan to sell your home.


You’ll be checking to see that they pay attention to detail when you set out your preferred time scale and potential sale price and that they pick out the unique aspects of your home that will form the main selling points.


If you do feel that your home is being undervalued then there’s no harm in getting a second opinion on price.


Avoid dual agents. These are realtors who work on behalf of the seller and the buyer. While their role is to remain impartial, you’re looking to appoint someone who is very much on your side and whose commission relies on getting you and only you, the very best sale price for your property.


Choosing the right realtor and having them do the marketing work for you, will help to reduce the stress load in what is arguably one of the most stressful times in your life.


This will then leave you free to begin the important work of finding your next home and of course beginning the grueling job of packing up all those boxes.

Choose someone professionally qualified, someone who’s great at communicating in real life as well as on paper and someone who is very much willing to work hard to get your sale through at the very best price they can.


Things To Know Before Selling To A Real Estate Investor

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If you’re thinking of selling your property to a real estate investor, you need to make sure you’ve done as much research as you can beforehand. Whilst it can be incredibly beneficial the process can be long and complicated, meaning preparation is key.


With that in mind, here are things you need to know before selling your home to a real estate investor:


– Is Your Property Going To Be Hard To Sell?


One of the first things you need to think about is whether or not your property is going to be hard to sell. Whilst you may be finding it hard to sell your property, there are people out that that can help you get the job done.


The best approach to take towards selling to an investor is recognizing that there WILL be an investor out there that is willing to take the property off your hands, helping you sell it much quicker than you would have if you were to go it alone. Real estate investors often pride themselves on being able to sell hard to sell properties, so never underestimate what they can do for your old home.


– Find Out How To Locate The Perfect Real Estate Investor For You


If you have decided you want to use a real estate investor to sell your home, you need to be sure you’re going to be working with the best possible person for you. There are lots of different places to find your perfect real estate investor, including the internet, by direct mail, through listings, and through online estate agents. Whilst it may take some time to find the right fit, it will be worth it when you know you’re in capable hands. For more tips and tricks on finding the perfect real estate investor for you, you can visit this handy guide here.


– Vet Your Real Estate Investor


To make sure you are 100% certain you have the best possible real estate investor, you will need to vet them before you get started. Whilst this may sound like a difficult task to do, it’s vital if you want to have the best possible experience. There are lots of different things you can do to vet your real estate investor including meeting them in person, using respected directories, searching for video testimonials, asking for proof of funds and checking their social media presence and website. For tips on how to test for legitimacy using social media, you can visit this guide here.


– How Can They Help You?


Finally, you need to think about how they can help you. Prepare a list of the things you’re worried about before you meet, making sure you ask as many questions as you possibly can. If you’re unsure on the process and need more information, try speaking to people that have been through it before, they may be able to help!


Are you looking to sell your property to a Real Estate Investor? What do you need to consider beforehand? Let us know in the comments section below.