3 Ways to Sell Your House Faster

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In a nutshell, selling your home often comes down to two things; the first aspect is about getting people’s attention and interest in viewing the property, then the second phase is all about converting that interest into “serious interest” where they make an offer to buy your home.


Many people are frustratingly trying to sell their homes yet nobody is ‘biting’, or even taking an interest in visiting the property – if this is the case then it’s time to look at upgrading the appearance of the home you’re wishing to sell in order to create a better first impression, as it’s often the first impression that people rely on to filter properties and this first impression subsequently colours the way they perceive the property… meaning the first impression is all important as it can either work very strongly for you or very strongly against you.


For instance, how would you feel going to visit a property that had overgrown hedges, lawns, and paint peeling from the woodwork.  There are many home exterior upgrades you can undertake yet sometimes it really is as simple as checking out the best hedge trimmers on a site like Yard Care Gurus and then tackling the garden… sometimes we overcomplicate issues when in fact, things can be remedied by some very simple action.


Suffice it to say that the first impression your property creates to the buyer is fundamental to forming their gut instinct.  Indeed it’s no big secret that first impressions are critical in all areas of life, yet so many property owners that are struggling to sell their house quickly tend to overlook the most basic things such as making the house neutral and keeping on top of basic tasks such as mowing lawns and trimming hedges.


Here are three areas you don’t want to overlook:



You want people to see your home at it’s best and present a blank canvas that feels light and airy.  If the space is too cluttered then it will make it harder for the buyer to visualise the home as their own.  



As discussed previously, if someone were to turn up at a property which had an overgrown lawn or perhaps a broken down car in the driveway then it creates a certain impression that is unlikely to be conducive to you creating a good first impression.


The impression things such as overgrown lawns or hedges has is one of neglect.  Therefore, if you are struggling to sell your home, the first step you’re probably going to want to take is to ensure the basics are being kept on top of.



There’s a reason so many property programs talk about the importance of presenting a home in neutral colours.  When you think about it, you want to be presenting a blank canvas that the new owner can see living in, meaning they can picture their own unique style and personality filling the space – rather than competing with the strong design that may currently be present within the property.

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