How to Keep Your Home Well Maintained

It is most likely that your home is going to be one of the biggest investments you are going to make in your life, therefore it makes sense to look after it and make sure it remains well maintained. When it comes to maintaining your home it can be easy to forget about it or put it off, but the reason you spend time and money maintaining your home is that is going to be the cheaper option in the long run. There are lots of things you can maintain in the home, this guide will cover a few but there are lots that you could be looking at.


Hopefully, this guide will give you the ideas you need to get started with maintaining your home, should you be unsure where to start or maybe you are sure about some things but not others, in that case, this guide can help to give you a better understanding on maintaining your home.

Cleaning Sink

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Make sure to care for the outside of your home


When it comes to tidying and looking after your home, you are likely to sort out the inside of the house but the walls that hold everything together are just as important if not more important. Not only does refreshing and maintaining the outside of the home increase the curb appeal of your home it actually improves safety and the durability of your home. If you leave your walls to get cracked and in disrepair, they are going to take more damage in the winter when the ice gets in the cracks and expands causing them to get worse and in some instances crumble. By checking the outside of your home you are going to make sure it lasts a lot longer.


Look after the roof 


Keeping the outdoor theme for maintenance you need to make sure you are caring for the roof, what people do not realize is the roof is the most important part of your home. It is the thing keeping you and your belongings dry and really the thing that makes a house a house. You need to be checking the slate on the roof to make sure there is no damage, have the gutters checked and cleaned to stop them from overflowing and make sure the roof has no leaks. By doing all that in the summer or at least once a year you can make sure you catch things before they get worse and really ruin your home. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself then hire a professional to come in once a year and check everything for you and make sure nothing untoward happens with your roof.


Check your doors and windows


Your doors and windows are important to keep maintained because they are going to help keep your home warm in the winter. If they are in disrepair then you are going to see more drafts and also a higher energy bill when trying to heat your home. You need to check the seals on the windows and the hinges on doors etc. to make sure they are still in good condition and working as necessary. If you are unsure about your windows and if they need replacing then someone like Renewal by Andersen Windows will be able to help you and advise you on the best steps to take in regards to your windows.


Look after your garden


When it comes to maintaining your home you should also look to focus on your garden as well, whether it be the front or rear garden you should look after it and make sure it does not get overgrown. Having a lovely garden is something a lot of people would love but do not have so do not take it for granted. Also if you have children, not looking after your garden can become dangerous for them, especially if you have thorns or dangerous plants that have overgrown the garden. Maintaining your garden also means cleaning up after your pets and children too should you have them. If you leave their toys and animal mess around the garden it can become a hazard for others living in the house and that is not what you want. If you are looking to sell your home then looking after your garden and maintaining it is even more important as it can affect you selling your home should it not look good when people do viewings.


If you are looking to maintain your home and garden more but you are unsure where to start or you need some ideas then hopefully, these tips will help to give you the ideas you need to get started.

Raise The Curb Appeal Of Your Property For A Quick Sale

When you have a beautiful interior you want your exterior to match as well. This is known as curb appeal. There are lots of different things you can do to raise the curb appeal. You may be needing to do this if you are thinking about selling your home, there is no point in having a nice home inside if the outside doesn’t match. You want prospective buyers to be amazed by both and snap your property right up. 


Let’s take a look at what you can do to improve the outside of your property. 

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Front gardens quite often get forgotten about, you walk past it to get to your front door and think oh I must do that, and then simply forget. Unfortunately, this can cause the garden to become overgrown and out of control quite quickly. Potential buyers don’t want to see an untidy unkempt garden, this gives the impression that the inside is full of chaos and mess too. 


If you forget, why not set a weekly reminder to sort out the garden. Once you are on top of it and it’s been done once it will be easy to maintain. Mow the lawn, get rid of the weeds, and trim the hedges back to allow for a much neater look. You should also think about adding some color to the front garden, flowers, plants, and hanging baskets can inject some life and color into your garden and make people want to look at it. 


If you are struggling to maintain your garden or you simply aren’t able to then you have a couple of options. You can hire a gardener to keep the garden tidy every week or you can create a low maintenance garden swapping the real grass for artificial grass. If you choose the right one, artificial grass can look lovely. 




Over time your paintwork can become dull and dreary, this is especially true for your front door and garage if you have one. Buyers will be put off if there are signs of paintwork chipping off, after all, they may not want to do renovations themselves but move into a house that is ready to live in. Giving it a fresh lick of paint will inject a lot more life into it. You can also get some metal polish for your door handles if they are showing signs of age and rust. 


There are other items you can add to bring a burst of life into your old door, you can install a new letterbox or even a door plaque. 


If that doesn’t quite make the door look good as new then maybe it is time to invest in a new door, yes this may be an expensive option but it will add so much curb appeal to your home. 




Finally, you need to ensure your roof is in tip-top condition, whilst a damaged roof may not be obvious when viewing your home the buyers will quickly become aware of it. Having a damaged roof can and will lose you the sale of your home so it is best to get it sorted as soon as possible. A damaged roof can cause long-term expensive problems such as damp, mold, and rotting floorboards. If your property has already sustained damage from a broken roof then you will need to call out a Property Damage Restoration Company to check your property and fix any problems before you sell. 


Restoring Life To A Long Abandoned Garden

Perhaps you’re moving into a new home and you find that the garden hasn’t been tended to for a long time. Or perhaps you’ve simply let it slip, whether due to not knowing what to do or simply not having enough time to handle it. Whatever the cause, now is the time to start fighting back and bringing some life back to a garden that’s long been left to suffer.


blue fence

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Get equipped with the right tools

If you’re taking care of the garden, then you should commit to taking care of it in the long term, not simply fixing it up now to let it slip back into dilapidation later. As such, it’s wise to invest in the right tools for a beginner gardener, including gardening gloves, a soil knife, and a trowel. Otherwise, when it comes to dealing with weeds, clipping plants, and tending the soil, it’s all going to take a lot more time.


Tackle the weeds bit by bit

By far one of the most challenging aspects of taking care of a neglected garden is the sheer number of weeds you have to deal with. These will be a barrier between you and anything you want to grow, so you have to deal with them first. Small Foot Print Family shows a variety of ways to deal with weeds in a way that won’t affect the rest of your garden and, more importantly, help you keep any pets that you might own, safe. You don’t have to go with the toxic options to get rid of weeds.


Watch out for unwanted guests

The garden can serve as a boon to the local ecosystem, but you want to make sure that it’s not being used as a sanctuary for pests like aphids and slugs that will eat anything you want to plant. Furthermore, it can also play a role in home infestations from creatures like termites, rats, and so on. With the help of teams like 000 Pest Control, ensure that your home and garden are free from pests. The health of you, your family, and your pets could all depend on it.


Check-in with the soil

If it has been a long time since you planted anything, all sorts of effects from heavy rain to weed growth could have changed the soil. It might not be able to sustain enough moisture or it may have a pH level that is unable to support new life. Lawn Solutions services may be necessary to help you get it back in the right condition.


Get into landscaping

If you want to bring more life and beauty to a garden, then dividing it into neat, attractive spaces is certainly an effective option. You don’t need to hire a landscaper, either, you can learn how to create your own raised bed, using rich soil to act as a home for new plants without worrying about how it will affect the rest of the garden.

Rejuvenating a long-neglected garden might seem like a major job, but if you split it into minor tasks every day, you will start to see the changes before very long, indeed.

Essential Tips To Secure Your New Home

A home is much more than a building to eat and rest your head. It should provide sanctuary too, protecting you from the bad of the outside world. Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone for any family. Home-ownership is a great investment, after all, and making a new property your own is a fun process. However, you must make sure that the house is safe. While decorating a property is more interesting than setting up security measures, it isn’t nearly as important. To protect your family, as well as your new home, here are ten home security tips. 

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  1. Change All The Locks

When you move house, changing the locks isn’t the first thing you think to do. The trouble is, forgetting this vital task could cause problems. Even if you built your house from scratch, you could never be certain of how many sets of keys to the property exists. A previous owner, renter, or even a builder could have made and kept a copy. This means that strangers would have access to your home. Calling a locksmith to change every lock is the easiest fix for this issue. 


  1. Hang A Different Door

Even after changing the locks, your home could be left vulnerable if the doors aren’t secure. Rather than accept whatever doors are hanging, you should look into other options. Many people assume that french doors would reduce the security of their property. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. These days, french doors are highly customization, which means you can have security locks built into them. If your heart is set of french doors, there’s no reason you can’t have them.


  1. Keep Your Keys Inside

Keeping keys outside your home is never a good idea. While they might appear well-hidden, it’s only a matter of time before an experienced burglar gets their hands on them. With a set of keys, that crook could enter your home whenever they wanted to. If you often misplace your keys, then leave a set with someone you trust. This person could be a friend, family member, or even a neighbor. A wall-mounted key safe is the only option you have if you want to store your keys outside.


  1. Light Up The Garden

Burglars, vandals, and other crooks don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. Instead, they prefer to commit their crimes under cover of night. You may not be able to stop the sun setting, but you can keep your home well-lit. By installing lights outside your house, you make it difficult for criminals to skulk around unnoticed. Motion-activated floodlights are particularly effective, as they require less energy and light up when motion is detected. This will shock the would-be burglars. 

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  1. Adopt A Furry Friend

Finding an excuse to adopt a dog isn’t very difficult. Nonetheless, if you need one, look no further than home security. As well as being great companions, dogs are an effective security measure. Because they often bark at new sights, smells, and noises, your new pet would alert you if anyone were trying to break in. What’s more, many burglars, like other people, are scared of dogs, so merely having on in your home could be enough to keep the crooks away from you.


  1. Lock Those Valuables Away

Many burglaries aren’t in any way planned. Instead, they’re very random, and often only occur when a crook spots something inside a house that they want. By removing this temptation, you take away a reason for such burglaries to occur. Keeping your valuables out of sight will give criminals less of a reason to break into your home. For this reason, you should keep televisions and games consoles away from windows and keep anything smaller in a locked safe. 


  1. Install An Alarm System

Alarm systems aren’t designed to defend your home. Instead, they act as a deterrent for burglars. No crook wants to announce their presence in your house, after all, which is exactly what an alarm does. If you can’t afford a security alarm system, then look into installing a fake one instead. Although professional criminals can tell the difference, an inexperienced burglar might not. Therefore, rather than risk being caught, they would likely leave your house alone.


  1. Automate The Entire House

Burglaries usually happen when no one is home. For this reason, you must do what you can to make your house appear occupied all the time. Turning your house into a smart home is one way to do this. With home automation, you have control of the lights and outlets no matter where you are. This means that you can turn on the television or light up rooms when you want to, making it look like you’re at home. Automation also lets you lock doors and turn on the alarms. 

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  1. Protect Your Wifi Network

Hacking isn’t a practice reserved for spy movies alone. Many burglars hack into technology, like security alarms, when carrying out their crimes. With that in mind, you must protect your wifi network. Unless you do so, a crook could take control and turn your smart home against you.  There are many ways to keep hackers at bay, including hiding your home network and using firewalls. Creating strong passwords and installing antivirus software offers protection too. 


  1. Speak To Any Neighbors

Being kind to your neighbors is about much more than politeness. After all, even if you’re not at home, your neighbors could be. This means that they might spot someone breaking in and could call the police. Rather than expecting your neighbors to do this, you should ask them to. Just make sure that they know who has access to your home and when they will likely be around. You don’t want those living next door to call the police on a friend or gardener. 


Every family deserves for their home to be safe, especially after moving house. Hopefully, with the advice above, you can secure your new property and keep any crooks out.

Channel Your Energy into Your Garden to Find Paradise

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Your garden may not feel like the most exciting part of your home. While your walls can be immediately improved with some wallpaper and a few throw cushions can bring color to any space, your garden will need a little more imagination and thought to bring it up to scratch.


The good news is that even the least experienced gardener can create a small paradise at home. Yes, it will take time and energy but if you are willing to channel your positivity into a worthwhile project, you are sure to succeed.


The main reason that the gardens are so lush is that they have plenty of water. Adding a water feature to your garden, as well as a simple irrigation system is a great way to encourage wildlife to come and join in and ensure that every plant gets the moisture it needs. To do this, you will need a pump system to push the water around and a Berkeley b3zrm comes recommended – especially if you have a large area in a dry state.


The sound of water is well-known to be relaxing and it can even help you sleep. A simple fountain or tiny waterfall is all you need to introduce that gentle sound and start to build your paradise with sounds as well as looks.


If you aren’t so green fingered, you should choose plants that are likely to survive and thrive in your garden without too much input from you. This means choosing plants that are already suited to the environment you have. For example, you’d be hard pushed to never see a yucca in Louisiana so if that’s where you’re based, that’s the kind of thing you should go for!


When you arrange your plants, think about the height and width they will grow into, not just their size now. It’s important that plants have room to reach their full potential so even though you might have a bit of a gap to start with, nature always fills it up.


It is always tempting to control every aspect of your garden but a true paradise will find its own rhythm. This means encouraging wildlife to come into your garden as well as giving your plants a chance to thrive on their own terms.


There’s a reason that jungles and forests look the way they do: the plants and animals work together to find a balance of their own. Letting go of your garden this way might feel risky but you will soon reap the rewards of a hands-off approach.


Putting out food for birds and other animals is also a good idea. Though insects and bugs might be unwelcome inside, outside they are more than your neighbors, they are the reason your plants are looking so healthy! A bug hotel might sound like a kids’ project, but every garden should have one.


Your garden is your chance to relax in your own slice of paradise. It will take time to grow up but when you give nature a chance to thrive, it never turns you down.

Are You Happy With Your New Home?

When you move home, you of course want to make sure that you end up somewhere where you are going to be as happy as possible. There are many factors which go into ensuring that this is the case, and a number which can detract from it, and it can be difficult to know whether or not you are going to be perfectly happy in your new home until you have lived there for a while. As it turns out, there are a number of things in each part of the home which you might want to consider, and a few part of the home which are going to be especially important in terms of being happy with your new home. In this article, we are going to look at what these areas might be, so that you can be sure of being as happy as you would like to be after moving into a new home.


Living Room


In most cases, you will probably find that you want to have a living room which is going to serve well as a communal part of the house – and this is something which you should look out for when you are looking at homes. However, once you move into a new place you can still do poenty to ensure that you are going to be truly happy with your home, and this is something which often starts in the living room. As long as there is a decent amount of space for everyone to be together, you will probably find that you can be happy with your living room – but you should also pay close attention to the chosen colours, as these can affect how peaceful the space is too.




The garden is more important than many people give it credit for in any home, and is one of the first parts of the house you will probably try to alter and make your own. There are many ways of doing so, and one of the best is to bring in some kind of new element which is truly expressive of you and your family, and which stands out as a kind of centrepiece. Choosing garden fountains for your garden could be a great way of doing this, or even just planting a tree which holds a special significance for you. In either case, it is a great way of ensuring that you are truly happy in your new home.



Everyone needs a bedroom they can enjoy fully, and this too is a part of the home you will probably pay particularly close attention to if you want to be happy with your new home. Most people need their own space, and it needs to be spacious enough and homely enough – so make sure that that is the case for you. As long as it is, you will be much happier in your new home – and that goes for your family too.