Worst Looking House on the Street? Here’s How You Can Spruce it Up!

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When you arrive home at the end of each day, does your home stick out like a sore thumb amongst the others on the street- in the worst possible way? Does it look scruffy or unwelcoming, and generally not at its best? Not only will your neighbors more than likely be complaining about this behind your back, but you will also be at the most risk of being burgled. Thieves tend to target houses that look less well cared for, as they know there’s less chance that the occupants will have installed additional security features. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home and it doesn’t look too pretty from the outside, or perhaps you’ve slowly let your maintenance drop over time- either way it’s worth making a change. Here are some of the ways you can spruce up the exterior of your home.


Address the windows

Are your windows in need of replacing? Perhaps they have draughty wooden frames, they might be single glazed or they might be double glazed but the seals have failed to give you foggy windows. There are lots of great reasons for making the investment in new windows. Your house will be more energy efficient, more secure against burglars and it will also make your home look smarter and more modern from the outside. Companies like Paramount Builders can fit your replacement windows and it’s a quick way to really improve your curb appeal. If your windows are fairly new and still in good condition, even just giving them a clean can make all the difference. Have a professional window cleaner come in and clean the glass and the frames to the highest standard.


Paint fences and doors

Things like your garden fences, your front door, and your garage door can all fade over time. Paintwork that looks worse for wear will really bring down the appearance of the exterior of your home, but it’s something that’s so easy to put right. Repainting these things could be a weekend project and wouldn’t cost much at all. It will smarten everything up and give your home a much more cared- for appearance.


Repoint bricks, clean moss or paint rendering

Cracked bricks, moss, stains from leaking guttering and discoloration can all make the front of any house look untidy and unloved. If your home has been rendered or you’re able to paint it then this is one way to instantly freshen it up. If you love the color of the natural brickwork but it looks mossy, stained or cracked then use a jet wash to clean it up and then have a builder repoint the damage. They will be able to do it so that the repair blends in perfectly with the rest of the home.


Tidy the garden

Patchy or overgrown lawns, wild shrubs, dead plants and things like bikes, kids toys or shoes on the garden will make it look messy and unkempt. Use grass seed and fertilizer to repair your lawn, or if it’s past fixing then pull it up and lay some new turf. Deadhead plants, prune shrubs and generally have a tidy up. If you put some colorful flowers in borders and in hanging baskets, it will make your home look well loved. Finish the look with a cute welcome mat.

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