Walgreens Cystic Fibrosis Services

Walgreen Cystic Fibrosis Services

As an aunt to a beautiful girl with Cystic Fibrosis, I can personally say that staying on the right health awareness track is essential!! With it being Cystic Fibrosis awareness month, Everyone should be aware of this disease. Daily medications, breathers, and lung therapy were daily occurrences for our family. We realized it was inherited from your parents, it involves a defective gene.

Without the daily medications and procedures, not only does the affected CF person’s health decline but their lifespan declines also. It is imperative they follow everything. The CF Champions “Navigating The Journey Together” is a useful guide to making sure you do everything you need! Although I lost my niece to this disease, several years ago, I knew one day there would be better resources for this awful disease. Check out this link for tons of information needed!

This beautiful, unselfish young lady ended up marrying and giving our family two beautiful daughters before she lost her fight. When it is happening to your family you are even more aware of the daily requirements needed daily for a person with CF to live a productive life. I love how readily information is available at Walgreen!

Our family chose to live with CF positively, we knew one day there would be more help and we wanted to have great memories. Now they have more options available and a person with CF can live a relatively normal life. Our Cindy never could enjoy the normal everyday activities other children can today. I am so happy that they have more available for patients and families now. CF devastated our family, but knowing there are others that aren’t suffering as much because of the new information and medication makes my heart smile and I know Cindy is smiling down from Heaven.

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