Should You Try Marijuana? Here’s What You Should Know

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Marijuana has been a controversial topic, both politically and culturally, since it became popular in the mid twentieth century. Derived from the cannabis plant, this drug produces a high that differs from alcohol; it makes the user feel relaxed, chilled and sleepy, rather than increasing their heart rate as alcohol does.


In the modern world, marijuana is used for much more than just getting high. In some parts of the world, doctors prescribe it for pain relief and as a remedy to anxiety; others use it illegally to self-medicate.


If you’ve always been on the fence about trying marijuana, read on to find out how it could help you – or whether it’s not the right thing for you at all.

What are the physical effects of marijuana?

Marijuana is a powerful tool for both good and bad when it is consumed on a regular basis. Just like any medication or drug, you should use it with caution, and only consume small amounts at a time. Although you can’t dangerously overdose on marijuana as you could with harder drugs such as cocaine or painkillers, it is bad for your health to continually smoke or consume marijuana each day.


Let’s take a look at some of the physical effects of using marijuana, and how they could impact you.


    1. A high, relaxed feeling. When you use marijuana you may find that you  feel inebriated, sleepy and dazed. You should never operate a car or any machinery when you have used marijuana.
  • Intense laughing! Many people get the giggles when they use marijuana.
  • Paranoia or anxiety. Unfortunately, some people have adverse reactions to cannabis, in which they become paranoid and anxious when they use it.
  • Pain relief. Some users swear by marijuana as an effective relief for stomach, joint and head pain. 
  • Brain fog. Too much cannabis can lead to brain fog and forgetfulness.

You shouldn’t try marijuana if…

There are some instances in which it is not appropriate to try marijuana. These include if you have to access it illegally, for example if cannabis is not legal in your state or country. Illegal purchasing of cannabis is a crime, and it also contributes to violent gang culture in urban environments.


In addition, if you have an anxiety disorder; if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; or if you have any other health issues, you shouldn’t be using marijuana unless you are given the green light by a doctor. 

You might consider trying marijuana if…

If you are searching for natural pain relief, or an alternative to alcohol for kicking back and relaxing, legally acquired marijuana could be for you. Make sure you always speak with a physician before trying any new substances.


If you are thinking of trying marijuana, you can buy pre-rolled joints and store them in a “doob tube” for subtlety and safety!

Final thoughts…

Marijuana might be a controversial topic among your peers, but if you feel it could benefit you and you can access it legally in your area, why not see for yourself?