Don’t Let These Curb Appeal Errors Sabotage Your Home’s Value

Don’t Let These Curb Appeal Errors Sabotage Your Home’s Value


Your home’s curb appeal is the first impression it makes, and you can’t redo a first impression. Whether you’re thinking about putting your home on the market or sprucing up your exterior appearance, it is essential to make the right touches. That means staying clear of certain mistakes. So, are you thinking about adding a touch of luster to your home’s exterior? Don’t sabotage your home’s value with these curb appeal mistakes. 


  • Trying to do a professional’s job

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Sometimes, it’s best to let the professionals handle it if you don’t know what to do. For example, if you want to create a beautiful landscape or garden but lack the know-how, you can always hire a landscape expert to do it for you. Sure it will cost you extra, but every penny will be worth it when it’s done. 


Also, certain curb appeal projects can be pretty dangerous without the right skills and expertise. For example, if you want to cut or remove a tree on your property, there is always the risk of it falling in the wrong direction. Fortunately, professionals like the Sydney Tree Company (STC) can safely help you remove a tree and handle any tree-related issue. 


  • A cluttered driveway or yard


If your yard is cluttered, simplifying decorating it won’t make much of a difference. Always ensure that your driveway and yard are free and clean. This is particularly important if you’re looking for potential buyers for your home. You might also want to invest in driveway lighting solutions to add that extra wow factor at night.


  • Unkempt lawn and garden


Always ensure that you take good care of your lawn and garden. Your garden may not look great out of season, but you can do your best to get rid of dead plants and leaves to freshen it up. Also, ensure that you trim your hedges and keep your plants well-watered. Oh, and you might want to avoid planting artificial flowers, as that can give your home’s exterior a tacky look.


  • Going off with your colors


Most people will agree that you should paint your home to suit your preference. However, there are limits to how far you can go, especially if you want to sell your house. Nobody wants to purchase a property looking like an Easter egg, draped in multiple colors. That said, you have the freedom to decide how your walls should look, but you should ensure that your building isn’t the odd one out in your neighborhood. That said, you can always hire professional painters to handle it for you. Sure, it will cost you extra, but it will be worth it. 


  • Ignoring your entrance

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Your main entrance is more than just a front door to your home. It indicates what your home looks like within, so never leave it out of your curb appeal project. Always ensure that it doesn’t look outdated, works perfectly, and provides the security your home needs.