4 Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming

You have always loved being a host, even before you bought your own home. There is something so exciting about preparing your house for guests; it makes you strangely happy inside! Ultimately, you want to be completely happy in your home, but you also want your guests to be wowed every time they walk through the door. Take some of the following advice and you will soon have a warm and welcoming abode that everybody enjoys coming to visit.


1.Divine Front Door


This is one of the first thing people notice about your home; it’s what makes your dreamy dwelling totally unique from others on your street. Why wouldn’t you want to welcome in your visitors with a beautiful, brand new door? You need to look into replacement entry doors and find one that fits your personality. You might be looking to change an ancient design into a modern one or you could be looking for a bright pop of color to make a statement. Your front door is there to tell the entire story of your home, so choose wisely!

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence


  1. Super Stunning Scents


As soon as somebody walks through your front door, you want them to be greeted by a showstopping scent that screams ‘you.’ Every homeowner should have a signature scent, so if you don’t have one, it’s time to get looking. You may want to change up your amazing aroma as the seasons pass; pumpkin spice for fall or fresh lily for the summer would be a couple of perfect options for your signature scent. If you’re not sure how to discover your signature scent, head to a local department store and try out candles and incense burners for yourself.


  1. Smart Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can add a super cozy element to your home in an inexpensive way. Whether you’re adding rugs to hard wood floor or you’re scattering comfortable cushions all of your couches, there are so many amazing ways to add smart soft furnishings to your home. This will not only make your home look great, but all of your guests will feel very welcome too!


  1. Personal Pictures


There are so many fun and fantastic ways to display your own personal pictures at home. This allows you to put your own stamp on your home and it gives all of your guests a little glimpse in your life. They can be snapshots of your loved ones, images that you have painted or photographs you have taken yourself. As long as they mean something to you, it doesn’t matter what you choose.


Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside and outside your home is super simple. Think carefully about what make you truly happy and you will find the decision making process even easier. Sometimes you just have to step a little outside your comfort zone in order to make a huge difference, so just roll with it! Enjoy creating your ideal home and welcome your guests in with pride every single time.

Are You Happy With Your New Home?

When you move home, you of course want to make sure that you end up somewhere where you are going to be as happy as possible. There are many factors which go into ensuring that this is the case, and a number which can detract from it, and it can be difficult to know whether or not you are going to be perfectly happy in your new home until you have lived there for a while. As it turns out, there are a number of things in each part of the home which you might want to consider, and a few part of the home which are going to be especially important in terms of being happy with your new home. In this article, we are going to look at what these areas might be, so that you can be sure of being as happy as you would like to be after moving into a new home.


Living Room


In most cases, you will probably find that you want to have a living room which is going to serve well as a communal part of the house – and this is something which you should look out for when you are looking at homes. However, once you move into a new place you can still do poenty to ensure that you are going to be truly happy with your home, and this is something which often starts in the living room. As long as there is a decent amount of space for everyone to be together, you will probably find that you can be happy with your living room – but you should also pay close attention to the chosen colours, as these can affect how peaceful the space is too.




The garden is more important than many people give it credit for in any home, and is one of the first parts of the house you will probably try to alter and make your own. There are many ways of doing so, and one of the best is to bring in some kind of new element which is truly expressive of you and your family, and which stands out as a kind of centrepiece. Choosing garden fountains for your garden could be a great way of doing this, or even just planting a tree which holds a special significance for you. In either case, it is a great way of ensuring that you are truly happy in your new home.



Everyone needs a bedroom they can enjoy fully, and this too is a part of the home you will probably pay particularly close attention to if you want to be happy with your new home. Most people need their own space, and it needs to be spacious enough and homely enough – so make sure that that is the case for you. As long as it is, you will be much happier in your new home – and that goes for your family too.