No Nails: Three On Trend Home Decorations That Don’t Require A Doctorate In DIY!

Unless you sign your name with PhD-DIY at the end, the thought of getting down and dirty with some do-it-yourself can be daunting. Especially if you want it to be good enough to display in your home, you know with visitors seeing it and all that! However, there are some projects that can be successful for even those of us who are not at an advanced DIY level. In fact, for many of them, you don’t even have to use nails or big heavy tools. Keep reading to discover more.


Macrame plant holder


For the ultimate in boho chic why not create your own macrame plant holder? You can buy them of course, but the prices seem unusually high for what is mostly a bit of string wrapped around a plant pot, so why not have a go yourself?


There are all sorts of design you can try like the one in the video below and don’t forget that you can use everyday white string or vary the color for a different effect. In fact, why not consider doing an ombre dye once you plant holder is finished to give it some added hippy cred?


Rustic log pile backdrop


Now, anyone that has been looking at home interior posts on Instagram, blogs, and in magazines will know how significant the rustic trend is. With one of the most popular elements being the log pile backdrop. This is where you use discs of wood to line a specific area or wall as in the image below, an effect that creates a warm and distinctly rustic ambiance in your home.



Now you may think that this sort of job is better left to the professionals, but it is surprisingly simple to DIY, especially on a smaller scale. In fact, all you need is a sheet of plywood, the log slices, and a way of fixing the logs to the surface.


To do this quickly and without having to resort to nails and power tools, it can be useful to use something like these spray tec glue guns that are available. The reason being that they provide strong and lasting adhesive to plywood surfaces both quickly and easily, and with little mess. Then all you need to do is arrange the logs on the backdrop before glueing them down and voila!


Teacup planter


Lastly, another adorable decoration that you may like to create for your home or even your garden is the teacup planter. This is a primarily mosaic project, and as such, you can use reclaimed china and crockery.


All you need to do is to start with a plywood board and the grout you will be using. The place half mugs and cups at intervals on the boards and sill in the gaps with irregular pieces of pottery and the grout as you sow so with any mosaic. Then, once dry to can use the space the cups create to plant herbs or trailing plants for a wonderfully bohemian effect that you don’t need to go anywhere near a nail to create.


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