Microfiber Dual Action SMARTer Gloves

I do not like when I am cold, I do not like winter, but my husband on the other hand loves it. He feels that is the time of the year we do everything outside. He loves to fish and hunt and wants me to spend all of the time I can with him. I love spending time with him and know that in order to enjoy it I need to bundle up and toughen up. I received some unique gloves to review and thought how perfect for me to use all of the time I am outside with the husband. I love the fact you can still text and use your electronic devices while wearing the gloves. No more taking it off in the cold and freezing just to respond to a text. Not only are the very usable but they are amazingly fashionable. The gloves are washable and you can use the gloves to wipe off your phone.

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Product Description:

These unique gloves not only keep hands warm, they are also safe to use on any electronic device (smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, etc). With these gloves, you can use any or all of the five fingertips to operate your touchscreen device. In addition, you can use the palm of the glove to clean finger print smudges, dirt and other impurities from the touchscreen device. The gloves are both washable and reusable. With fall and winter just around the corner, these gloves are the perfect accessory for people who want to text and keep their fingers warm.  http://www.mastermfgco.com/cleaning_gloves_smarter.html

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