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I am super excited to have my baby back.. You see 6+ years ago I was a newbie blogger. Starting out not knowing much just that I enjoyed reviewing items. I began reviewing products for free then moved to getting paid for reviews. After a couple years and beginning to really make good money doing this my site DISAPPEARED…

I woke up one day and it was gone just gone. I couldn’t figure out what happened until I realized my host company was also gone (e-rice). So here I was stuck with what to do. I could either stop and just throw the towel in or I could start over. So start over I did.

I began a new site and have been running it ever since.

I would try and buy back my original site every few months only to finally find it on Go Daddy for almost $10,000.00. I couldn’t and wouldn’t pay that for MY site so I waited and waited and waited. Now 5 years later I am the happy owner of my site once again! The minute it came up I grabbed a coupon from Go Daddy and got my site back for a whooping 99 cents!

I am not sure what I will do with the site but since it is still ranked and MINE again, I am just too excited to not move forward.

Stay tuned to see just what I will be doing with it….


1 thought on “Reviews, Blogs, Guest Post, Link Ads….

  1. Welcome back. I’ve been following you on your other site and will this one too. I’m still waiting for mine to be listed again. I used e-rice too as did many of my blogger buddies. That was a terrible thing that they did.

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