Dreams coming true… Our Pioneer Life on the Ranch!!

We are getting closer to our dream life coming true and living our pioneer life on the ranch. I couldn’t be happier. Right before Christmas our pool was started. We also signed the contract to start on our home on February 1st. We decided to go with a fiberglass pool since we wanted a saltwater pool.

Saltwater Pool

Each of our three grandsons picked out a must-have they wanted. One wanted a slide, the other a waterfall and our youngest wanted a jacuzzi, the pool we picked will have all of these. Our pool is such a blessing and easy to keep clean.


Dream Home

We are getting so close to our dreams coming true, we knew when we sold both of our homes and moved out to the ranch we would need patience, we love this life and have enjoyed every step along the way.

Stay tuned for the next steps as every day our pioneer life is coming true! We have so much going on but I can not forget we planted a ton of fruit trees and got chickens to add to our pioneer life!

Here is a sneak peek at our future home! This was a long process and these plans when have had for years so having them finally come true is so exciting!



Dream Land

If you are looking for more tips or ideas on building your home check this out! https://reviewingforyou.com/5-important-considerations-for-building-your-home/

Never give up. We have planned this our whole married life, living below our means so that one day we can live bill free. We are so excited and looking forward to retirement life with no bills. We will have our vacation in our backyard. Between our pool and animals, we have an abundance of wildlife in our backyard. No more having to travel to fish or hunt.

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