Deluxe Chicken Coop, the Pioneer Lifestyle

Our goals of country life continue…

Of course, you can not live in the country and have a pioneer life without a chicken coop!

We decided we needed one to add to our farm life, so the family got supplies together around the farm and started working on a deluxe chicken coop, I call it my Martha Stewart Chicken Coop Imitation!

We brought the chicken house from our old property, I found it on Craigslist over 10 years ago for $100.00.   The other supplies we used mostly from around the Ranch.  The wood from the fence we took down and we bought the wire. We are so excited about the way it turned out and saved a ton of money!

We had chickens years ago, and I always knew I wanted more once we bought more land, so this is so exciting to me.

This time I wanted different color eggs, blues, greens, browns, and white, so I ordered a bunch of different chickens. Of course, they won’t be ready for another month, this will give us time to finish the chicken coop and run the water. I am also going with these hanging feeders this time to keep everything cleaner!

Meanwhile, on the farm, the pool got a waterfall and the house plat is framed, we are expecting the foundation to be poured this week!!


For the pool, we are still waiting on the slide and the cool decking to be complete. It is so exciting to watch it come together.

The closer we get to our Pioneer Life the more excited I get. Stay tuned to see what adventures we have in store next!!

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