Living Independently For The First Time: What You Need to Know



Thinking of living alone for the first time? Chances are it will be one of the best experiences of your life, it won’t always be easy but you’ll learn so much about yourself and your abilities and it can help you to become a better person. Here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge. 


Get your finances right

The first thing you’ll need to do when you’re considering living alone is work out if you can afford it. Living independently always costs more than living with others, so sit down and figure out exactly what you have coming in, and what is likely to go out. Things like gas and electricity, rent, water charges, phone and broadband, shopping and a vehicle if you own one will all need to be taken into account. Find out if you’re entitled to any help from the government, depending on what you earn and your situation you could get some help with benefits or reduced bill costs. Anyone that lives alone for example is entitled to a single persons discount with council tax which will at least reduce that large expense a little. 


Find a suitable place to live

Living alone and independently, especially if it’s for the first time in your life will require you to find the right place to live. Maybe you’d feel comfortable living close to family and friends, the size of the property is important too. If you have any additional needs such as mobility problems, you’ll need to ensure the home is on the ground floor and if there are any steps and things that a handicap ramp can be installed. One of the main concerns lots of people have when they live on their own for the first time is safety and security, so finding an area and a building which is safe and low in crime will probably be a top priority. You can run postcode checks of any home you plan on moving into which will tell you things like crime rates and other statistics which can help you to make your mind up. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Just because you’re living independently doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help if you need it. Whether it’s help to move, help with decorating, setting up furniture or anything else, don’t feel as though you need to muddle through. Ask for help and advice if needed, in many cases you might just need someone to show you how to do something once and you’re able to go it alone after that. Living alone is all about standing on your own two feet, but that doesn’t mean you’re expected to be a super human that suddenly knows how to do everything.

Don’t Let The Lemons Of Life Bring you Down

When it comes to our lives, we can all find that we hit bumpy parts of the road. Obstacles that stand in our way, bad turns or decisions we regret to have taken. The truth is, we all go through these difficult moments. We all have worries, plans that don’t go our way, and events that take place that are simply out of our control. It is how we deal with these things that can define us, and also change the course of our lives for the better. Here are some of the most common life obstacles that any of us could face at some stage in our lives. Some will give you more hardship than others, but they all don’t necessarily need to hold you back in a way that can be hard to navigate past at the time. 

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Accidents that are not your fault


Sometimes in life, things will happen that you don’t expect. This could be in the workplace, it could be while you are driving on the road, and you end up in an accident that was not your fault. It can be disheartening to suffer from injuries from this, and with no real reason on your actions, it can be a difficult time to go through. This is when seeking the advice from specialist law firms such as can help. While these things are not necessarily your fault, they can give you a new perspective on life moving forward. 


Bad financial decisions in the past 


There may have been times in your past where you have made some risky moves financially, and now you are finding that you are struggling with the consequences of those actions. This could be a house you bought that has lost value, it could be that you make some risky investments and have lost some money. Instead of dwelling on these mistakes, you need to learn from them and continue to move forward with your life. 


Friendships fading away


Losing your friendships can be just as devastating as a failed relationship. Friendships are different. You confide in friends, you spend time with them, and they get to know you. They are there throughout different stages of your life, and often when these friendships fizzle out it can be devastating. The best approach to this is to not dwell on it. You need to be aware that having negative influences in your life, even if they are friends, is not going to have the right impact on you. Friends will come and go, but the ones that matter will stay in your life. 


Thinking about your mental well being 


Finally, your mental health is one of the biggest things that you need to consider, and at times, when you feel at your lowest points, possibly because of one of the vents above that have been shared, your mental health can be impacted. You can feel down, depressed and anxious, and this can be a big stumbling block and obstacle that at times doesn’t feel like you can get over. But, you can and you will. You need to ensure that you make positive a priority in your life. From feeling grateful for the things you have, or just making a conscious effort to think more positively is a good place to start. 


Let’s hope highlighting these things helps you in the future.

Good Vibes Only: Habits For More Happiness

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we only did things that generated good vibes in our lives? If we cut out all the habits that made us feel yucky, and most of the people that harmed our well being as well. Of course, completely doing this isn’t usually possible, but taking steps toward a more positive life is. Something that the post below discusses in more detail. 

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Mood management 


We don’t get taught it at school, but knowing how to evaluate your mood and what to do to regulate it is a vital skill. Unfortunately,  some people can find doing things with the sole purpose of improving their mood quite tricky. Perhaps because they have been brought up to focus solely on external achievements such as their career or looks. 

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Happily, with a little guidance and effort on your part, you can reprogram yourself to value acts that help to healthy regulate your mood. In fact, many people begin to enjoy and get such benefit from these that they start to incorporate them into daily life, no matter how they are feeling. 


Healthy habits 


Basically, we all know that creating healthy habits will result in positive benefits in our lives. However, sometimes to clear space for these, we need to give up negative patterns of behavior as well. Of course, this can be tough, especially as negative patterns of behavior such as addiction can be manipulative coping mechanisms that we have used for a long time. 


That is why, for those that have an addiction, treatment options such as going into sober living for women can be the best choice. In fact, it can really help them to give up their harmful habits and focus on the positive one wants to create. Something that in turn can create the mental, physical and emotional space for newer more positive habits and coping mechanisms to form. 


Surround yourself with positivity 


They say we become like the people we spend the most time with. Ergo, if you spend your days around positive, enthusiastic people that are motivated to make a real change, this is bound to rub off on you. 



Of course, that may mean making some pretty significant changes in your life. You may even need to re-evaluate your friendships and other relationships to see if they are really serving your well being in the long run. Although, as this can help you be happier and more successful, many people believe it to be worth it. 


Spread kindness


It has long been known that by being kind to others, we can also have a positive effect on our own mood. Of course, social media can present a real challenge to this, especially when we come across people whose views or behavior we disagree with. 



Although such encounters could be framed as an opportunity. The chance to spread a little love and kindness in the world if you will. Why not try this the next time you come across online negativity, instead of getting sucked down into the mire? It may just work wonders! 

Old Media, New Tech: Using Gadgets To Enjoy A Good Book


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There are few things which can stand up to curling up and getting lost in a book you love. The twists and turns of a well written story, the stresses and strains of each character’s relationships, and the satisfaction you feel when you’ve read the whole thing are all elements which have made this form of entertainment popular for thousands of years. Of course, though, in the modern day, it makes sense to use modern tools to help with your reading. There are loads on the market, and this post will be exploring a range of them to give you some ideas.




Modern smartphones can handle a huge range of different tasks, from giving you the ability to call and text, to being able to handle a whole day of work without breaking a sweat. Of course, though, they can also be an awful lot of fun. There are a few different options available when it comes to using a smartphone to help you to enjoy the books you like. Audio books can be found on each smartphone app store, along with applications which make it very easy to read various eBook formats. This enables you to choose between reading and listening, while also making it far easier to search for books when you’re on the go.




E-Readers have been becoming increasingly popular over the years, with people looking for ways to simulate the act of reading a book more accurately. Using special screens which have white background and use black pixels, these products can make your time using a digital display feel like you’re working with paper. Amazon Kindles are the most popular example of this, though you can find cheaper versions of the same devices which will be able to run more formats of eBook. These devices are usually powered by Android, and this makes it possible to have a lot of fun with them.


Borrowing Books


In the past, if you wanted to start reading a new book, you’d either have to go to the bookstore or library to get your hands on what you want. Nowadays, though, it’s possible to borrow real books without having to leave the comfort of your computer desk. There are loads of sites around the web which make this easier, giving you the chance to order from a huge range of classics, while still getting the chance to use paper books. It’s worth being careful here, as some of the sites you find will be renting out digital copies of the books they have on offer, and this isn’t quite as nice as getting a real one.




Trying to read in poor light can make the whole experience very unpleasant. Not only will it be hard to see the pages, but your eyes will start to feel the strain very quickly, and this is something which most readers will want to avoid. Having proper lighting can be hard, though, and you need to have an option which can give you a variety of different modes or settings. LED smart bulbs are perfect for this. Going in a lamp or ceiling fixture, these products can be changed to shine in different colors, while also being dim. Of course, though, the real benefit is being able to control them with your phone.




This next area is one which a lot of people see as something for older people, though most can benefit from having the words they’re reading a little bigger. Magnifying glasses have been on the market for hundreds of years, with people using these tools long into the past, but they’ve gotten a lot more tech. A magnifying glass with light features won’t cost a huge amount, but can make your reading experience far easier, especially if you’re trying to read a book with very fine printing. There are countless products like this on the market, and they can all make your reading experience a lot more pleasant.


Digital Bookmarks


There are few things worse than stumbling upon words which you don’t understand and having no way to figure them out when you’re reading something. While this problem may not occur in every session, a lot of readers find themselves tiring of this very quickly, and this can lead to skipping the words entirely. Modern digital bookmarks can help you with this. Among many other features, these devices can serve as an excellent dictionary. With the ability to be updated and changed after they are made, new words can be added to them, making them far more accurate than paper options. This should make it just about impossible to find yourself confused about the words you’re trying to read.


Books On The TV


When some people find themselves with a book which has small print, they will find themselves reaching for a magnifying glass. Others, though, will want something a little more advanced for this job, and this is where page to TV scanners come in. These small devices can be dragged around the pages of your books, using a small camera to display the text on the television you like to use. This can make it incredibly easy to read books together, while also making it possible to enjoy a book on the big screen. Some people find that reading like this is far more comfortable than reading conventionally.


Prism Glasses


Finally, as the last gadget to consider, it’s time to look at something which is a little more fun than functional. Prism glasses operate similarly to a periscope, using mirrors and small lenses to shift your field of vision by 90 degrees. If you were standing upright and looking forward, these glasses would make you see the floor. They are designed to make it possible to read while lying down, without having to bend your neck and leave yourself uncomfortable, and they do their job very well. Of course, though, some people will find themselves falling asleep if they read like this.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of using gadgets to get more out of your books. A lot of people struggle with this sort of work, finding it hard to know what needs to be done to improve their reading experience, though this can easily be handled with a few clever gadgets.

4 Signs Your Job Is Damaging Your Health

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Some jobs may not seem particularly hazardous on the surface – but whilst there may be few immediate dangers, there could still be long-term health hazards to look out for. Here are just a few signs that your job could be slowly damaging your health and what you can do to prevent this.


You’ve developed aches and pains that won’t go away


Repeated actions, poor posture and poor ergonomics at work can all lead to aches and pains. Sometimes this pain may disappear after a few hours, but sometimes this pain can become chronic. Back pain is a common example – this could be the result of bad form when lifting heavy objects or it could be the result of poor posture when sitting at a desk. A back doctor may be able to help with solutions ranging from medication to exercise recommendations to surgery. RSIs (repetitive strain injuries) cannot always be cured, but can usually always be reduced. It’s worth talking to your employer about this injury as health and safety measures may be able to be introduced into the workplace.


You’re gaining weight from inactivity


Many modern jobs such as desk jobs and driving jobs are largely sedentary. A lack of physical activity throughout the day can lead to weight gain, which can have its own health risks ranging from diabetes to joint problems. Weight gain is something that can be reversed by exercising more and introducing a better diet. Even if your work requires you to stay sat down, make sure to take advantage of your breaks as a chance to be active or try to compensate by exercising more out of office hours.


Your ears are ringing at the end of each day


Ringing in the ears is often caused by exposure to loud noises and can eventually lead to permanent ringing (tinnitus) or hearing loss. If your job is causing your ears to ring, it could be a sign you need to wear ear protection of some kind. Most employers are legally required to supply this if their work environment reaches a certain decibel level – you should talk to your employer if this equipment isn’t supplied. Construction sites and nightclubs are common examples of such workplaces.


You’re constantly stressed from work


Work-related stress can have serious negative health effects. As well as being linked to mental illness such as anxiety and depression, increased blood pressure can cause physical health problems in the long run such as strokes and even heart attacks. Whilst many jobs have their moments of stress, no job should be constantly stressful and may want to consider ways of relieving responsibility at work or taking up a new job. Alternatively, you may be able to reduce the health risks of stress by taking time to distress – exercising, listening to music and having a hot bath are all effective ways to distress at the end of the day, whilst taking holiday away from work is also important. 

The Pressure Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Now this is something that you really just want to say eurgh to. Eurgh is the perfect word for a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’ve never really maintained one before. But we’re guessing that if you’re thinking about living your lifestyle the right way now, it’s that something has prompted you. There are a couple of common reasons, with one of the main being all of the years of bad actions towards your body catching up on you. Or another one that is spurring people on at the minute, is the jealousy of other people and some serious body envy. But still, it doesn’t help the fact that you can’t help but feel ‘eurgh’ about the whole situation. So the aim of this article is going to be to try and get that eurgh out of your system. We know the pressure of living a healthy lifestyle can be a lot, but we think with these simple tips it’s going to become so much easier! Because even though you’ve got those eurgh feelings inside of you, you still have that goal that you want to reach, and we’re going to help you do just that! So let’s kick you into action, and see how much you can change!

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Don’t Feel The Pressure

Feeling the pressure of any lifestyle is hard, and you can usually feel it all around you. If you’re surrounded by people who are getting their lives together, trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and posting it anywhere they can possibly get some attention, you start to feel like the odd one out. Everyone is talking about the healthy food they ate, the gym class they did, and you just can’t join in! So you feel the pressure from the people around you, but you also feel the pressure from yourself. It grows from your own insecurities, and the jealousy that everyone else seems to be better than you are. So when all of this mounts up, it can often feel like the pressure is overwhelming, and you just feel like you don’t want to do anything at all. So our tip and our first tip is to let all of the pressure mount away. Everyone will be at different stages in their fitness journey, so you should never compare your progress to theirs. What you should do, is take your time to start your own journey, and do it all at your own pace. As long as you’re making some sort of progress, you should feel no pressure at all to speed anything up!

Set Your Own Goals

This is something that you’re going to have to do early on. You don’t have to set goals that mean you lose or gain a ton in a couple of months because then we’re going to circle right back around to feeling that pressure again. So what you need to do, is think about goals that are actually going to suit you, not other people. So when thinking of what goals you want to go for, you’re going to have to think about the short term and the long term. The short term is really going to guide the long term. So think about things like joining a gym, going twice a week and eating healthy other than the odd snack. Just having the latter goal is hard enough, but once you get into a routine, eating healthy is actually really easy. As for the long term, you need to think about things like weight loss or weight gain if that’s what you’re going for. But even if you set yourself targets, it’s often hard to see the progress, even if the numbers are trying to tell you. So one thing you can do so that you’re really able to tell the difference is taking progress pictures. This is the perfect way of getting the motivation you need to stick at it because if you follow a routine you really will be able to notice the difference!

Do It Through A Hobby

A hobby is something that everyone needs to have, but that hardly anyone seems to have. So much can be achieved both mentally, and physically, through finding a hobby to become addicted to. But don’t worry, this is a healthy kind of addiction, and we’re going to delve more into that in the next section. In this section, we want to talk about how sporting hobbies could help you to feel amazing, take the pressure off your fitness journey, and put some actual fun into it. One sport that can really help you to enjoy life, and one that takes the pressure off of everything, is golfing. It’s such a relaxed sport, there’s no denying that. All you would need to do is visit websites such as, and you’d find all the equipment needed to get yourself started. Then, all you’d need to do is find someone who could teach you the ropes for a while, and before you know it you’d be on your way. But if golfing doesn’t suit you, then there are so many others that you could choose from!

Find That Addiction

As we said, when you get addicted to trying to improve yourself, the addiction is nearly always healthy. Some people do take it to the extreme, putting their bodies through things they shouldn’t be put through, just to try and protect that perfect image. But when you find a healthy addiction to changing your image, it becomes the best thing for you. It usually comes in around 4 to 6 weeks into a working regime. By working, we mean you’re sticking to it all days of the week, and have really started to find a liking for the gym. This is the sort of healthy addiction you need in your life, and it can be so good for you if you play it the right way. Hopefully, you should start noticing small changes after 6 weeks, and that should drive you on even more to carry on doing what you’re doing!

Landlord Behaving Badly? Here’s What To Do

It isn’t uncommon for a landlord to have to deal with a bad tenant, but what about a tenant dealing with a bad landlord? This may be less common, or at least less talked about. However, it does happen. In this post, we’re going to discuss what you can do if your landlord begins behaving badly.

Bad landlords come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe yours wants you out without notice and no good reason, or you have had a repair they have been informed of for months and have failed to fix. Whatever it is, you’ll find advice here that will help you.

What Are The Most Common Landlord/Tenant Disputes?

  • Building conditions
  • Essential services
  • Rent increases
  • Tenant’s right to stay

The above are the most common disputes that landlords and tenants tend to have. However, they are certainly not limited to those listed above. Sometimes, a landlord and a tenant can have issues with harassment. If your landlord is entering your property without your permission and/or knowledge, they are harassing you. Some may even attempt to charge more rent based on a person’s gender, race, or another discriminatory factor. Although it’s 2019 and you would expect people to know how to behave, this is unfortunately not the case!

What To Do When You Are Experiencing An Issue With Your Landlord?

A bad landlord is usually handled on a state level. This means you need to know your rules and regulations in your state and then report your landlord accordingly. This should give you an idea of whether you have a case or not. There are also non profit organizations that focus on tenant rights, as well as agencies that handle tenant complaints. You may also want to hire a lawyer that specializes in the kind of dispute you are having.


Keep Records And Evidence

Of course, one of the easiest ways to get things sorted is to simply explain to your landlord what is going on and what you will do if they do not sort it out. You should also begin keeping records and evidence to help your case if this needs to go further at any point. Depending on what the issue is, you may need to do some research, such as how to report a landlord to the health department. By taking your landlord to court or getting a governing body involved, they can be ordered to pay you compensation and to carry out the repair work.

Having a difficult relationship with your landlord can be a huge source of anxiety, so making sure you take action as quickly as you can, and always trying to deal with them first can be a good idea. If they are totally unresponsive to your ideas and suggestions, then it’s time to get another party involved who can make your landlord take action.

Make sure you are fully aware of your rights as a renter so that if your landlord does start doing something shady, you’re prepared!

Giving Up The Cocktails For A Clearer 2019


So, you have decided you are going to give up alcohol for the rest of 2019? Or, maybe you are thinking about doing so? If so, this guide reveals all of the information you need…


You’ve decided to give up alcohol… now what?


This will depend on you, and what it is that you set out to achieve. If you started the process with clear cut goals, then you have a good place to begin. If not, or your goals have changed, then you may feel a little lost.


A good place to start is by thinking back to what made you decide to give up in the first place. People give up alcohol for a number of reasons, from giving their bodies a much-needed break and chance to repair, to trying to control an urge that is having a detrimental effect on their health, wellbeing, and relationships.


Next, it is important to focus on the positives: how has your life changed since you gave up drinking? Do you have more energy, better relationships, and are you more focused at work? Hopefully the answer is yes to all of these. Also look at the activities or communities you took part in when deciding how to stop drinking. What other positives came out of these? Are they things you want to continue with? Giving up drinking doesn’t have to be a forever thing for everybody. If you can focus on the positive aspects that removing alcohol from your life, even for a limited period, has provided you with, then you can reassess your relationship with the drink. This may allow you to enjoy the odd beer, cider or spirit, but while still staying in control, rather than letting the need control you.


Support that is out there

Help is vital if you are going to have a good chance of succeeding. One of the reasons that many people stop trying is because they feel like they are fighting, and losing, the battle alone. You don’t need to feel this way. There is help out there.


Many people are dissuaded from looking for help in giving up alcohol because they only have knowledge of the professional services that exist for those with serious alcohol-related problems. Many of these services are excellent, and provide support, guidance, including medical, where it is most needed. Check out Silvermist Recovery talk about how to make friends when in recovery. Resources like this can be so useful, helping you in all aspects of your quest to stop drinking.


However, they are not the only services that are available if you want support and advice on how to stop drinking. There are community groups that focus on individuals wanting to make a change, and give up drinking to stop it becoming a problem, or who just need to take a break. These types of groups focus on supporting you in making healthier choices, breaking bad habits and replacing drinking with better habits and activities. They are focused on peer support, sharing the good and the bad experiences and on trying new ways of approaching a very old problem. There is no drink shaming involved, no professional with a clipboard, just like-minded people who want you to succeed as much as you do. As well as groups such as this, try to get family and friends involved, explain what you are trying to achieve and why. You might just be surprised at the level of support you get.


Understanding your habits

Drinking, like biting your nails, is a bad habit. If you can break the habit, you can stop the behaviour. Most habits have triggers, and if you can recognise these, then you are on the right path to breaking the habit. A good place to start is by thinking about when you drink and why. Is there a set time of day, or a place that you go to that you associate specifically with drinking? Are there moods or activities that automatically make you reach for the cider? Whether you drink when you are bored, lonely, stressed, tired, had a hard day at work, or to get you up on the dance floor, you need to recognise these triggers.


Now you need to think of other ways that you can approach these trigger points that don’t involve alcohol. It is an essential step in how to give up alcohol, as it will help you to set up new, healthier habits. So, if you’re stressed, instead of reaching for a can, phone a friend, write down everything that is bothering you, or go for a run. Doing this creates new associations. Now all that is left to do is set a date to stop and put your bad habit-breaking new associations into practice.


Exciting new drinks to try

One of the problems when you are finding out about how to stop drinking is simply what to drink instead. Options can seem, well, very boring. But with a little imagination, they don’t need to be. Think of those lovely cocktails that you have on holiday, other than alcohol, what do they all have in common? The answer is you like the taste. You can recreate the wonders of the cocktail without the damaging effects of the alcohol, and better still, you can even make your own creations. The ‘mocktail’ as it is better known is one of the tastiest answers to how to give up alcohol. Head to for some ideas on the best mocktails to try.


You can begin with just a few basic ingredients such as sparkling water, flavoured soda, distilled syrups (fruit and herb flavoured) and fresh juices. Non-alcoholic sangria is probably one of the easiest to start with, as it is a variation on iced tea with cinnamon, fresh fruit, sugar and pomegranate juice, topped off with carbonated water just before serving. Ok, so you might not be able to get this in your local pub, but if they want to keep your custom, they are likely to try out a few new non-alcoholic ideas for you.

Are You Ready For A New You?

Change is never easy, we’re well aware of that. Change is something we all think that we need in our lives, yet we know that actually getting to the point of doing it is something that just never seems to come around. Admit it, you instantly start thinking about reasons why you shouldn’t change, the main being that it’s just so damn hard to get the motivation to actually do it! But not today, today is the day for a change. Because every day that you spend putting it off that little bit more is another day that your life is moving on. We don’t want to say that you’re getting older, although that is definitely happening, you shouldn’t let it define you. Some say that the older you get, the more motivated and invigorated you are towards life! But anyway, enough about age and what that means, we want to give you some great tips on how to get ready for a new you, and how you can go about achieving it!

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The Motivation To Change


Ok, so we’ve said how actually getting to the point where you’re able to change is super hard, so how do you think you can up the ante and find the motivation to actually make some changes to your life? Well, we think it’s easy. All you have to do is think about where you’re going to end up in 10 years time. Think about what your body might look like, what your mindset might be like, and generally how you’ll feel about life, and you might start to feel that little bit of motivation to succeed. They say there’s no time like the present, and this is most definitely true in terms of what you could achieve. There’s more to life out there than just doing nothing with it, so we truly believe you should seize every day, and watch how your life changes.


The New Shoes To Step Into


The shoes you should step into are ones that will breathe a new lease of life into you. Ones that will see you doing something different and that will preferably get you out of the house and enjoying life. Something that’s really good for you and will encourage you to live a new lifestyle, is hiking. It’s so good for your mental and physical health… and it’s free! If you were to get serious about it, you could get hiking poles, good boots, and proper clothing so that you can tackle it in all weathers. But for the most part, it will be a super relaxed ordeal where you really do feel at peace with the world.


Maintaining A Better Lifestyle

Once you get into the rhythm of things, it will actually be so much easier for you to maintain this lifestyle that you wish to so badly. You will actually enjoy the new you, and it won’t feel like such a chore to do the things you once had to drag yourself out of bed for. Just make sure you keep a positive outlook on life, and that you really enjoy what you do!

How To Make Positive Change In Your Life

Photo by johnhain from Pixabay


Making changes to your health and habits doesn’t have to be something that is dedicated to new year’s resolutions. No matter what time of year, if you recognize signs that you need to make changes then that is when you should start working on a plan. With that in mind, here a couple of ways that you can improve your life by altering your habits and days.


Be Active


One change that the majority of us can make is to be more active. The easiest routine to slip into is allowing work to dictate our health and end up coming home, exhausted and just sit in front of the TV all evening. While some days that is required to recharge, you should be working into your week some sort of regular exercise. That isn’t to say that you have to work out every day, but it is recommended that across a week you are doing a minimum of 150 hours of exercise.


If you start looking into the issues that you consider yourself to be struggling with, you will often find that exercise continues to crop up as a solution. Not only does being active improve your health by reducing weight and working on your fitness, but it releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that create a positive effect in your mood. That is why exercise comes so heavily recommended for people struggling with mental health, addictions, and many other physical illnesses.


That isn’t to say that you should take on a strenuous regime, rather start lightly and find types of exercise like yoga, running or the many other styles that suit you.

Photo by Wild0ne from Pixabay


Talk To Someone


We started by discussing recognizing reasons for a change in your own life, and these can come from all areas. You might be noticing that your intake of alcohol has started to increase, your mood is lower and you’re feeling lethargic, or you are becoming dependant on bad habits to get you through the day. Well if this is the case then one of the best things you can do is talk to someone and seek options to make the change you need to see in yourself.

Self-reflection can be incredibly difficult, but taking the time to talk to someone about who you are and how you are feeling might just be the best way to address any issues. Depending on what is going on in your life, they will make recommendations to suit your needs. People struggling with mental health may need to take on a method like cognitive behavioral therapy, whereas those struggling with addiction may seek alternative therapies like equine assisted therapy. Whatever method you choose to take, the ultimate goal should be to see positive change in yourself without having to wait until the turn of the year to set yourself ambitious targets.