Four Ways To Take Care Of Your Home Exterior

Our attention is often focused on maintaining the interior of the home, but we should not neglect its exterior as well. In the nice weather, the outside of your house is a nice way to enjoy the weather. It gives off a first impression, and it’s where you enjoy the first impression of your home. That is why you should pay the same attention you would your interior design. 

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Here are some areas you should be focusing on: 

Welcome To Your Home 

If you want people to have a good impression of your home, you need to take good care of your door. Maintaining clean and tidy means keeping it presentable. A touch of paint or considering replacing it might be the best option for it if it’s seen better days. You should make sure that your door is easily identifiable by displaying clear numbers or your name. 

First Impressions Count  

Whenever people look at your home, the first impressions they have are those about your front garden. In order to make others aware that they have taken good care of their house, people strive to achieve a high level of curb appeal. It makes no sense to have a messy, cluttered, and disorganized front garden when you’re trying to make a good impression on potential customers. Make sure that lawns are mowed, edging is trimmed, and areas around walkways are clean and well maintained. You can give your walkways a new lease of life by using a power hose to clean them. This will prevent you from having to replace these walkways, thus saving you money. 

The Bones Your House 

Your home needs to be taken care of in several different ways. Regularly cleaning the gutters, keeping drains free of debris, and repainting chipped areas are all important. When it’s time to paint your roof, you should consider cleaning and caring for it well, so that it’s well-maintained. You should resolve any concerns you have as soon as possible. Any small repairs left unattended can be detrimental and cause further damage in the future.  This should also include the roof over your head. It is often something that gets forgotten about until there is something wrong. You need to clean and use roof restoration when you need to. 

Your Outdoor Living Space

It is easy to enjoy the good weather in your back garden, especially when it is warm outside. Dinners can be served al fresco, and you can entertain guests and family. It is essential, though, to have a garden that you can relax in and enjoy. Imagine your living space as a representation of your family, easy to maintain and welcoming. You can designate a separate area of your garden for your children and another for the adults. The presence of a seating area outdoors makes it easy to sit and enjoy nature. You may want to consider building a deck or paving area where you can make a comfortable area to relax. 


Keep in mind that you also need to maintain the outside of your house. It’s an extension of your home, and you should treat it as such. Is there anything else you can share in the comments below?

5 Home Maintenance Chores For The Fall



1 . Maintain your trees & shrubs

Maintaining your property will help you to create a safe and healthy space, to improve your home today, check out these five home maintenance chores for the fall.




As the summer comes to a close now is a great time to prune your shrubs and trees outside. You can prune your trees yourself, or hire an arborist to help you with this. Pruning a tree will prevent falling branches, which can be a hazard. Pruning is also important to keep a tree healthy. If you’re pruning a tree yourself, you can use the following steps:


  • You’ll need protective gloves, you might also want to protect your head and eyes.
  • If you’re cutting a stem, start above the healthy bud.
  • If you can cut a branch or bud that faces outward, (this will avoid branches rubbing together).
  • The cut should be around ¼ inch higher than the bud, if you cut too close this may damage the tree.


  1. Clean out your gutters


As we move into fall it’s a good idea to clean out your gutters, doing so can help to protect your home from water damage. If gutters are clogged up with debris then the rain water won’t drain away sufficiently. If water overflows here you may end up with leaks in your roof. 

If your gutters are full of leaves and debris you might also find the pests make a home here! Maintaining your home will help you to keep the pests at bay.


  1. Seal up gaps


When the weather turns colder it’s important to seal up any gaps. Mice can get through a tiny gap, so you could end up with an infestation. You’ll probably be able to seal small gaps yourself using caulk or a spray foam. Once you’ve fixed all the gaps you won’t need to worry about pesky critters entering your home.


  1. Protect your pipes 


Before the weather turns cold you’ll want to prevent your pipes from freezing. To prevent freezing pipes you can purchase some sponge covers, and wrap these around your pipes. It’s also a good idea to insulate your water tanks. When you go out, make sure that you set your thermostat to at least 13-15C. Another thing you can do is to open the loft hatches and your cabinets.


  1. Protect your house from mold


No one wants mold growing in the home, it’s unsightly and can cause adverse health effects. To prevent mold from growing, there are a few things that you can do:


  • You can use dehumidifiers to maintain the correct humidity levels.
  • Try mold cleaners in your bathroom, bleach will also do the trick.
  • Before painting your walls, apply mold inhibitors.
  • Check your pipes and fittings for leaks.
  • Contact a company that specializes in mold removal.


These five chores will help you to maintain your home and create a desirable living space. Whether it’s pruning trees or removing mold there are lots of ways to get ready for the fall.

How to Keep Your Home Well Maintained

It is most likely that your home is going to be one of the biggest investments you are going to make in your life, therefore it makes sense to look after it and make sure it remains well maintained. When it comes to maintaining your home it can be easy to forget about it or put it off, but the reason you spend time and money maintaining your home is because that is going to be the cheaper option in the long run. There are lots of things you can maintain in the home, this guide will cover a few but there are lots that you could be looking at.


Hopefully, this guide will give you the ideas you need to get started with maintaining your home, should you be unsure where to start or maybe you are sure about some things but not others, in that case this guide can help to give you a better understanding on maintaining your home.

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Make sure to care for the outside of your home


When it comes to tidying and looking after your home, you are likely to sort out the inside of the house but the walls that hold everything together are just as important if not more important. Not only does refreshing and maintaining the outside of the home increase curb appeal of your home it actually improves safety and the durability of your home. If you leave your walls to get cracked and in disrepair they are going to take more damage in the winter when ice gets in the cracks and expands causing them to get worse and in some instances crumble. By checking the outside of your home you are going to make sure it lasts a lot longer.


Look after the roof 


Keeping the outdoor theme for maintenance you need to make sure you are caring for the roof, what people do not realise is the roof is the most important part of your home. It is the thing keeping your and your belongings dry and really the thing that makes a house a house. You need to be checking the slate on the roof to make sure there is no damage, have the gutters checked and cleaned to stop them overflowing and make sure the roof has no leaks. By doing all that in the summer or at least once a year you can make sure you catch things before they get bad and really ruin your home. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself then hire a professional to come in once a year and check everything for you and make sure nothing untoward happens with your roof.


Check your doors and windows


Your doors and windows are important to keep maintained, because they are going to help keep your home warm in the winter. If they are in disrepair then you are going to see more drafts and also a higher energy bill when trying to heat your home. You need to check the seals on the windows and the hinges on doors etc. to make sure they are still in good condition and working as necessary. If you are unsure about your windows and if they need replacing then someone like Renewal by Andersen Windows will be able to help you and advise you on the best steps to take in regards to your windows.


Look after your garden


When it comes to maintaining your home you should also look to focus on your garden as well, whether it be the front or rear garden you should look after it and make sure it does not get overgrown. Having a lovely garden is something a lot of people would love but do not have so do not take it for granted. Also if you have children, not looking after your garden can become dangerous for them, especially if you have thorns or dangerous plants that have overgrown in the garden. Maintaining your garden also means cleaning up after your pets and children too should you have them. If you leave there toys and animal mess around the garden it can become a hazard for others living in the house and that is not what you want. If you are looking to sell your home then looking after your garden and maintaining it is even more important as it can affect you selling your home should it not look good when people do viewings.


If you are looking to maintain your home and garden more but you are unsure where to start or you need some ideas then hopefully, these tips will help to give you the ideas you need to get started.

Raising The Value Of Your Home With Renovations (That Won’t Need A Lottery Win)

There are so many reasons for selling your home.  Whether it’s to unlock capital for another home or you need to raise some of the equity in your home to cushion against adverse financial conditions or you’re starting a business.


Whatever your reasons are for wanting a sale, making sure that your home gets to put its best foot forward can potentially add thousands of dollars to its resale value, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either.  Here are 3 great ways to improve the value of your home.




It should go without saying, but just in case we’ll say it again.  First impressions count.  They count for humans and they count for your home too.  Research from Princeton University reveals that potential buyers have made the initial decision whether to purchase or not within a tenth of a second.  Furthermore, 87% of buyers said that they relied on photographs when house hunting.  So following that logic, paint, paint, and then paint some more.  This is one area where you can stand to spend a bit more on so even if you can’t afford a professional painter, invest in some decent paint and then do the job yourself.  Also consider the state of your garden, swimming pool, pathways, and paving. If you have broken patio furniture or untidy flowerbeds then get them repaired.  There’s a popular saying in England: “an Englishman’s home is his castle”. Consider that when thinking of what you’re planning on doing to your castle.




Conduct an audit of each room and living space on the interior of your home.  Make a solid list of what needs repairing, replacing, or touching-up.  Work through this list until each job is complete and while this may take you a little longer than what you were aiming for, simple adjustments like replacing worn or dirty carpets with rugs or repositioning furniture to hide spills or wear show a sense of pride in your home.  You don’t have to be a billionaire to create a harmonious and fresh living space and potential buyers will sense it.




If you live in areas where heat is an issue and your home doesn’t have air conditioning or other climate-controlling facilities, then this is an area you want to divert a decent amount of your resources to.  Consider that if you’re looking for another home in the same area, how nice it would be to have air conditioning or cooling systems, especially since you know what it’s like to not have it.  Then think about what’s going on inside the mind of potential buyers.  So, think about finding a service that offers  heating and cooling in my area, and you’ll be on your way.


Property remains one of the best ways to create wealth and a legacy and so it’s worth taking on improvement projects as you can afford them instead of then you have to afford them but always remember that if you’re not particularly skilled in remodeling or renovating work, there are some projects that don’t “DIY” very well.

Raise The Curb Appeal Of Your Property For A Quick Sale

When you have a beautiful interior you want your exterior to match as well. This is known as curb appeal. There are lots of different things you can do to raise the curb appeal. You may be needing to do this if you are thinking about selling your home, there is no point in having a nice home inside if the outside doesn’t match. You want prospective buyers to be amazed by both and snap your property right up. 


Let’s take a look at what you can do to improve the outside of your property. 

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Front gardens quite often get forgotten about, you walk past it to get to your front door and think oh I must do that, and then simply forget. Unfortunately, this can cause the garden to become overgrown and out of control quite quickly. Potential buyers don’t want to see an untidy unkempt garden, this gives the impression that the inside is full of chaos and mess too. 


If you forget, why not set a weekly reminder to sort out the garden. Once you are on top of it and it’s been done once it will be easy to maintain. Mow the lawn, get rid of the weeds, and trim the hedges back to allow for a much neater look. You should also think about adding some color to the front garden, flowers, plants, and hanging baskets can inject some life and color into your garden and make people want to look at it. 


If you are struggling to maintain your garden or you simply aren’t able to then you have a couple of options. You can hire a gardener to keep the garden tidy every week or you can create a low maintenance garden swapping the real grass for artificial grass. If you choose the right one, artificial grass can look lovely. 




Over time your paintwork can become dull and dreary, this is especially true for your front door and garage if you have one. Buyers will be put off if there are signs of paintwork chipping off, after all, they may not want to do renovations themselves but move into a house that is ready to live in. Giving it a fresh lick of paint will inject a lot more life into it. You can also get some metal polish for your door handles if they are showing signs of age and rust. 


There are other items you can add to bring a burst of life into your old door, you can install a new letterbox or even a door plaque. 


If that doesn’t quite make the door look good as new then maybe it is time to invest in a new door, yes this may be an expensive option but it will add so much curb appeal to your home. 




Finally, you need to ensure your roof is in tip-top condition, whilst a damaged roof may not be obvious when viewing your home the buyers will quickly become aware of it. Having a damaged roof can and will lose you the sale of your home so it is best to get it sorted as soon as possible. A damaged roof can cause long-term expensive problems such as damp, mold, and rotting floorboards. If your property has already sustained damage from a broken roof then you will need to call out a Property Damage Restoration Company to check your property and fix any problems before you sell. 


Improve Your Outdoor Space In 6 Steps



Many of us will spend hours decorating the interior of our homes. While this is a worthwhile project, we shouldn’t neglect our outdoor spaces. If you need a few ideas to improve your outdoor areas, start with these.


1 . Get gardening


Start by making some improvements to your garden. You might like to add new plants and flowers, or tidy up your lawn? If you’d like to start growing vegetables, first you’ll need to make a compost pile. A healthy compost pile can help you to enrich your soil and grow veggies without using pesticides. If you’re new to gardening you might need a little guidance. To make a great start download apps like Smart Plant, Gardening Companion, and Moon & Garden. These apps have plenty of great gardening tips for beginners. Gardening has lots of health advantages from reducing stress levels to giving you a great workout.


  1. Clean your paving stones 


Give your paving stones or your decking a good clean, you can use a hose and soapy water, (or a power washer if you have one). Perhaps your paving stones are cracked and broken? If so it’s probably time to have these prepared. Even a small amount of wear and tear and make your garden space look neglected.


  1. Inspect your roofing


While you’re improving your outdoor space remember to inspect your roof. Look for cracks or broken shingles. Inspect the guttering to see if it’s clogged. If you spot any issues you’ll need the help of a Roof Maintenance Service. You should never attempt to perform any roof repairs yourself unless you have the right training. Failing to make repairs on your roof could mean that the structures of your home become damaged. To avoid leaks and issues it’s best to call the experts.


  1. Paint up fences


Give your fences a paint job to create a brand new look for your garden. You might choose classic white, a fence stain, or perhaps a bright color? Before you paint your fence, give it a good clean. When it comes to improving your outdoor space small adjustments can really make a big difference.


  1. Garden decor 


Decorate your garden with some lovely accessories, there are plenty of items that can make a garden look amazing. Try some new garden furniture, a garden rug, or a few statutes? Shop around for some decorative lighting, a birdbath, or a few windchimes? With the right garden accessories, you’ll add a touch of charm to your outdoor space.


  1. New front door


Looking to boost your curb appeal? A new and modern front door will do the trick. You can choose a striking and contemporary design, (plus improve your security at the same time). With a few upgrades, you’ll soon make your outdoor space look beautiful.


When you take the time to maintain your home you’ll improve the look of your property and enhance your lifestyle. During the summer time it’s lovely to have a nice outdoor space to enjoy.

Make Your Home Safer With These 5 Easy Tips

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We all worry about our home’s safety from time to time – it’s a totally natural fear that someone might break in and harm you, or steal your belongings. Especially if you have children, this worry can be even more present in your mind. While there is no point in being paranoid about home invasions, it is good to be aware of how safe your home actually is.


If you have noticed that you might need to improve your home’s safety but are stuck for ideas, here are five easy tips that will help you make your home safer!

Invest in a multi-lock back door.

Your front door would be the most obvious point of entry for a burglar – or so you might think. Research shows that many home invasions occur through the back door, as these doors are often less secure, and are easier to break in through. You might have a back door with a single turn-key lock that would be easy to get through if force was used.


To make your home safer, you may want to invest in a multi-lock back door that is just as solid as your main home entrance. This will leave fewer options for a burglar to potentially enter your home.

Check your windows and consider replacements.

Next on this list is your windows. Windows are, of course, fragile – nobody’s installing iron clad windows! While you shouldn’t be going as far as to reinforce your windows with bullet proof glass (unless you happen to be James Bond), you should check out your windows and see how strong they are.


The method of opening your window – be it a latch, a push-button handle or even using a key – will determine its strength. If your window is easily pushed open, perhaps consider a window replacement.

Put gravel on your driveway.

When it comes to home invasions, prevention is a far better policy than reaction. You want potential burglars to be deterred away from even trying to enter your home. By putting gravel on your driveway if you have one, you make life much harder for someone who wants to break in. 


Firstly, they’d have to pull a vehicle onto your driveway, which is very noisy. If they didn’t do this, they would have to carry things back and forth from the house – not exactly ideal for a quick getaway!


A gravel driveway is also aesthetically very beautiful and will add value to your home as well! There’s really no downside to installing a gravel driveway as a safe and beautiful addition to your home.

Get a dog!

Remember what we said about deterrents? A dog is your best bet. All dogs, even friendly ones, bark when a stranger comes to the door. Psychologically, it is their way of alerting their pack – i.e, your family – to the approach of a newcomer. 


If your dog is medium sized or large, their bark will be deep and loud. To a burglar, this is a threat. Even if your dog is a soft, loving, sweet dog as soon as someone steps into the home, an intruder will not know this. Simply by having a dog who barks at the door, you are likely to deter burglars very effectively. 


If you do get a dog, it is wise to have it professionally trained if you’d like your dog to be a protective guard dog. Unless you have good knowledge of how to train a protection dog, letting a dog be aggressive towards strangers can be dangerous without proper help.

Install CCTV on your doorstep.

Finally, CCTV cameras are a very effective deterrent that are guaranteed to make your home safer. Having a single CCTV camera in decent view on your porch or doorstep will make any intruder turn and run a mile. CCTV cameras can be used to feed information back to the relevant authorities, and nobody wants to be caught on camera in the middle of a burglary!


Doorstep cameras are not as expensive as you may think, and are highly sought after by modern homeowners looking to increase their safety. You can even have an app on your phone that feeds directly to the camera, so you know who is on the doorstep before you open it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your home safer and protect yourself against potential home invasions, this guide is here to help you! Make these changes and you are guaranteed to increase your home safety by a mile.

Relaxing Into a Space: Changing Your Home To Feel Better About Yourself

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Many people are used to a nomadic lifestyle. And when they are moving from property to property, they do not necessarily think about the idea of home. It’s so important for us to learn how to settle in our minds, and if you moved into a property, and you are now preparing yourself to settle down, you need to figure out ways to feel happier at home. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds! So if you are someone that gets bored easily, or you struggle to settle, have a look at the following methods.


Let More Air and Sunshine Into Your Home

This is something that may seem very simple, but is essential to a feeling of well-being. It’s so important to have adequate daylight, but when we are stuck indoors, we can greatly overlook the benefits of being out in the sun. If you are working long hours at home, it’s important to open the windows. And one of the best ways for you to have a bit more or and sunshine into your home is to have windows that demand to be opened! Suppliers like Renewal by Andersen provide a number of different window styles that can improve your home’s aesthetic. Having fresh air and sunshine in your home is going to improve your general well-being, and it will also reduce stress. A very simple thing to do, and has great benefits.


Finding Space for Yourself

When we are used to being nomadic, we can find there is little time to relax, or we have to learn how to disconnect from life pretty quickly. One of the benefits of living in a space that is yours is that you can set up a place that is for you. If you are living with others, it’s not so easy, but you should spend some time setting up a corner of a room, so you rest and recuperate. It could be anywhere, like a reading nook, on the sofa with a great view, or a quiet corner of the back garden. When you find a space for yourself, spend every day there doing something you love and is for you alone. When we start to spend time in silence, we begin to calm down, and we will enjoy these moments of solitude.


Treat Your Bedroom as Your Relaxation Station

Your bedroom should be the place you go to unwind. But many of us don’t have the space to compartmentalize our bedrooms, so you inevitably start to associate our bedroom with more than just resting. It becomes a place where we work, exercise, and what happens is that there is no segregation in our brains, so we can start to feel that internal clutter. It’s important to design your bedroom and decorate it as its own space but also make sure it comes with its own rules and rituals. Of course, your bedroom is where you sleep, and in order to do this effectively, you need to have a bedtime routine, but also make a couple of key investments, such as blackout blinds, and possibly a meditation device. These are devices that can, as the name suggests, put you in a meditative state. If you fix your sleep, you may notice a lot of changes in the quality of your life.


Layer Lights 

Lighting can make a profound difference in any space. When you add more light into a space, it can immediately warm up a room. Adding table lamps or ceiling lights can make a massive difference to the space. When we create more atmosphere, it turns a soulless and uninviting space into something else entirely.


Do Not Try to Be Perfect

Sometimes, we can feel the pressure to be perfect and share images of our home. But this is a very slippery slope. If you want to make your home improve your sense of well-being, it is important to embrace the idea of imperfection. We cannot get it perfect, so we may as well learn to let this go. Perfection is unattainable, especially when we are trying to make our dream home. But one of the benefits of being nomadic is that you can embrace the idea of imperfection. And this is something that can set your home apart and can be a very comforting thing. As long as you have the right habits in your life, and learn to love your space, this will help you feel more settled and allow you the opportunity to relax into a space.

Create An Outdoor Space That Provides Serenity

Are you thinking about the best ways to improve your wellbeing? If so then it does make steps to reduce stress in your life. Stress can cause various impacts in your life and it can even begin to impact your natural beauty. People who are more stressed are likely to struggle with the signs of age such as wrinkles earlier on in their life and that’s just the beginning. More stress could also mean that you bloat or that your hair begins to thin.

So, how can you tackle stress head-on? Well, you could think about creating a space that you can use to relax and remain calm. Outdoor spaces are great for this because they will provide the benefits of getting back in touch with nature as well as the simple wonders of fresh air. 


Pexels CCO License


The Right Furniture


First, you need to make sure that you do invest in the right furniture for a space like this. The best furniture will guarantee that your outdoor space is comfortable, offering the right level of tranquility. You might think that all garden furniture is the same but this is not the case. There are lots of different types of garden furniture available on the market for you to explore. For instance, you could think about getting a lounger which will allow you to relax in the sun. Or, you might want to think about buying a swing seat for your serenity garden. The gentle swinging movement is a great way to ensure that you can unwind and relax in peace. 


Beautify Your Garden

If you want to create a space where you can relax then you need to make sure that it is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. There are a few ways that you can do this. However, we recommend that you start by getting rid of the unpleasant things in your garden such as the weeds. For this, you will need one of the best weed eaters. Or, you can think about hiring a professional landscaper to complete this task for you the right way. You could also think about making your garden more colorful with the right flowers and plants. It might even be worth exploring adding some tropical plants to your garden that could look absolutely fantastic and help you feel far more relaxed. 



Finally, you need to make sure that you are thinking about issues that often make people feel more stressed and anxious. A classic example of this would certainly be problems with privacy. Privacy issues are a major concern for some people who don’t want to feel as though they are being watched while they are trying to relax. If this sounds familiar, then you should think about investing in the right screener trees. These grow fast and thick so they are perfect for bordering a space like this in your garden.

We hope this helps you understand the key steps that you should take to ensure that you create a wonderful space which will provide the great benefits that you need and help you remain calm while you are at home.

Unlocking The Real Potential Of Your Home

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Much is said about renovation and how to improve a homestead. Yet while this advice can be helpful, it’s rarely individually geared to your own property. It’s not hard to see why. If home bloggers were able to give you specific advice, you’d wonder how on earth they managed to get a hold of your floor plan and what that weirdness could imply.


That said, sometimes this advice can be very ‘top down,’ that is, instructions that may or may not apply to your household. The best advice, then, is rendered when a column is able to help you unlock the real potential of your home yourself, empowering you to make those decisions while also showing you that there’s nothing you can’t do with creativity, an okay budget, and the willingness to design.


In this post, we’ll discuss a few of those empowerment tools, and how you can make the most of them. We’re certain that with a little creative ambition, you can truly elevate your home past any sort of standard you have considered the limit until now. Without further ado, let’s begin:


Reformatting Old Utilities


If your home has been standing for a while, it may have had a few previous owners. As every owners passes through, changes to the home that may have made sense at the time define how the space is shaped and how it’s utilized.


For instance, you may move into a home that has a blocked-up chimney and fireplace. This may have been because a previous owner did not see a renovative effort as worth it, or perhaps they wanted to limit the maintenance needs of this area of the house, or perhaps because they installed an electric fireplace for simplicity and didn’t feel as though this utility would have been important.


But now you’re there, you get to define the space anew. Perhaps the idea of a proper wood-burning fireplace stove unit could be a fantastic means of returning your living room to a feeling of vintage functionality. As you can see, reformatting old utilities in this way, using chimney repairs to start, could be worth your time and money. Little efforts like this can also unlock the potential of your home. 


Reformatting and old utility doesn’t necessarily mean making that functional, of course. It might be that you have an old well in the garden of your rural home, but now that you have mains water supply there’s no need to use this. Having this bricked up and properly filled may prevent an unnecessary injury, as well as the cost of maintenance that may come over time. As you can see, unlocking the potential of your home means formatting your home in the most proper manner, using what’s already there to benefit you.


Perfecting The Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is a great means of trimming your home and improving it’s value. However, even if you have no plans to sell anytime soon, perfecting your curb appeal can be a worthwhile enterprise. Why is this? Well, it’s nice to come home and see your residence perfectly trimmed from the outside. It can truly help elevate a home in terms of how beautiful it looks, and how it represents your personality.


You don’t need to spend overly in order to improve the curb appeal, either. For instance, replacing the mailbox with a newer, more structurally sound option (such as a letterbox within an exterior wall) can be helpful. Making sure your hedges and garden is trimmed and lining the path with flowers can be a perfect addition. Theming your windows and door with similarly colored paint can, in large part, help your home feel beautiful once more.


Letting In Natural Light


You’d be surprised just how radiant a home can seem after you make the most of the natural light it’s afforded. Of course, not all homes are lucky enough to occupy a location that gains many hours of natural sunlight a day, especially in the colder months. It’s also hard to negotiate with the sun, or at least, no interior designer has managed to do that yet.


For this reason, making the most of your natural light takes a little bit of tactical thinking, but can be so worth the effort. You may find that placing a mirror on a feature wall helps expand the reflected light in the space while also giving the impression that a room is larger than it actually is. Lighter colors such as beige painted walls, as well as lighter sofa or bed cushions and sheets, lighter carpets, and painted furniture can make a big difference. In some areas, such as a downstairs bathroom, using blinds for privacy while also allowing in light during the day (to prevent this small room from seeming dingy and oppressive) can totally revolutionize how the room feels.


In this case, you will have co-operated with one of the most valued entities home valuation experts look for – natural light and how your home accepts it.


Privacy Is Worthwhile


A home is nothing if it doesn’t feel safe and secure for your family. But safety and security isn’t only achieved through heavy locks, strong windows and tools like motion-sensitive floodlights. It’s also achieved through privacy.


Keeping that in mind can be important because it can help you define how privacy might work in your own home. For instance, putting up fences around a property border or planting trees may help you totally block sight lines from public roads or from other buildings in your neighborhood. While we can’t stop every nearby building from seeing into our garden based on their height, for instance, tricks like this may help you can 70% more privacy from onlookers than before. That’s a good way of helping you feel freer and less observed in your space, which is what we all need from time to time.


With this advice in mind, we believe you can unlock the real potential in your home going forward.  Don’t forget to have fun with the effort!