Eye Trends To Enhance Your Style


The fashion world is a constantly changing environment, and it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends. One of the most popular style innovations in recent years has been makeup for the eyes. It can be tricky to figure out what eye trend will match your style, but by following these tips, you may find your perfect match.


Eye Contacts


There are many types of eye contacts available. These include daily disposable color lenses and extended wear contacts that can be worn for weeks at a time without removal. Choosing to use eye contacts will enhance your look if the color compliments your complexion or hair coloring. For example, the best colors for green eyes are blue, grey, or dark brown, while those with brown eyes should look for hazel, grey, or green colors.


Eye contacts are an excellent way to change your style and make an impression on others. They are from comfortable materials such as Biofinity lenses that mimic the eye’s natural lens; this type of contact is ideal if you wear glasses already.


It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing contacts while swimming or for sports as this can cause them to dry out and weaken. You will also need to learn how to care for the contacts; for example, you should know if you should use ptosis eyedrops with them.



The right sunglasses can bring your style to the next level, and you will look great. They are a summer essential that should not be missing in any wardrobe, like white sunglasses or black ones with gold temples.


The light colored lenses allow you to see more clearly under direct sunlight, while the darker color protects our eyes from harmful UV rays. You can also wear them when you go out at night. It is a good idea to have more than one pair if they are different styles. This way, you will always find the perfect ones that match your outfit and style no matter what time of day or where you’re going.


Eye Makeup


The eye makeup for this year has been all about enhancing the eyes to look more prominent. There are several techniques you can use, ranging from color, size, and style. Some popular trends include:


Use of white eyeliner on the inside lower lash line as well as or instead of black. Also, using false lashes and eyebrow pencils to define eyebrows.


Eye Accessories Like Beads, Lashes and Jewelry


They are great to dress up your eyes for a party, special occasion or just because you want to. Bold colours and shapes can be very striking. Beads are versatile, and you can wear them in different ways to play up your eyes for any occasion. 


They come in many shapes, colors and sizes, so you should have no problem finding the perfect pair or two for yourself.


This trend has been growing over the past few years, thanks to celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. It is a great way to get noticed for your eyes, but be aware it can also draw attention away from the rest of your look if you are not careful.


Even though everyone knows about false lashes, they are still gaining popularity thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing them on the red carpet at events. They are a great way to add drama to your eyes, and you can wear them daily if applied correctly.


Like lashes, there are so many different types of jewelry for the lower lash line that you will never get bored. They come in all shapes and sizes, from bold chunky pieces to delicate designs more suitable for an evening out than day-to-day wear.


Lately, there has been a trend in using false lashes with no mascara underneath to create a more natural look for your eye makeup; this will take some practice if you are not used to wearing lashes.


Casual Non-Prescribed Glasses


Wear these glasses with jeans and a t-shirt for an easy everyday look. They are great if you want to look creative without making too much of an effort. These frames come in three different colors, so they can also match your outfits perfectly. Choose the black one to go out at night or play it safe and choose the tortoise shell if you are afraid they might not go with your outfit.




There are a variety of eye-enhancing styles that you can use with different outfits. The primary purpose is to make sure the eyes stand out and look great on you. Once you understand which one works best for you, try it out at home or in front of a mirror during the day to see how it looks. You can also ask your friends’ opinions on which one works best with your style and face shape.

The Importance Of First Aid At Home

It is possible to have an accident at any time. In the UK, thousands of people suffer serious injuries every year. There are some incidents that claim lives. Basic first aid tips can be helpful for anyone, regardless of the severity of the injury. Every day is filled with different types of hazards and accidents. In case of an emergency, first aid skills can save lives.

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

What Is First Aid?

Any time anyone is ill or injured, they should seek first aid immediately. The aim of first aid is to save lives, prevent deterioration, and promote recovery. In other words, it is the first intervention in a serious medical condition. 


Generally, first aid is administered by a medical professional. Mental health conditions such as PTSD can be treated with another method today. First aid for mental health.


To ensure workplace safety and health, different countries have different regulations and laws. Among the provisions are specific training requirements, which include compliance courses and emergency equipment. Accredited authorities can train you in workplace first aid to ensure the safety of your workplace.

First Aid: Why Is It So Important?

Every now and then, we encounter a small accident. Despite the risk of death, most accidents go unnoticed. Accidents affect everyone, even if they are bystanders. Those affected empathize with you. There is a part of you that wants to make things right.


You can greatly benefit from having a basic knowledge of first aid in case of an emergency. If you work at a workplace, you may have to ensure others’ safety. You are responsible for providing medical care until professional help arrives. When an injury or illness occurs, first aid must be administered. You can provide victims with the primary support they need with a basic first aid kit. Even using reusable gel ice packs with a bump can help massively. 


Basic first aid knowledge can provide a number of benefits, including:


  • Assisting in case of an emergency. An asthmatic colleague or a victim of serious burns may be among your colleagues. As soon as you respond to a colleague’s first aid needs, you may save his or her life.
  • It is possible to save an invaluable life if you follow the right procedure. A lack of oxygen will kill our brain within six minutes. Taking quick, appropriate steps for the proper treatment is one of your first aid duties.
  • Being aware of your own situation. Having received first aid training can help you make informed decisions if you encounter any difficulties.


First Aid Procedures

First aid providers may be faced with medical emergencies. What can they do? The following steps should be taken if someone becomes injured:


  • Make sure the casualty and you are both safe.
  • Emergency services should be contacted.
  • You should check for injuries that could prevent you from moving someone who is unconscious and breathing. As long as the person does not have any other injuries, place them in the recovery position until professionals arrive.

This is just the basics of first aid, however, it should help you to understand the importance of learning about for in the home. Do you have any other tips that could help? Share them below.

Getting Your Health Back On Track

Getting Your Health Back On Track


Being in lockdown for so long has taken its toll on most of us, and it’s not always easy to keep yourself in tip-top shape during times like these. Working from home has made it especially difficult to keep to a healthy routine, as we’ve just got more excuses to exercise our freedom of choice when it comes to exercise and diet options. Something about staying in all day just makes you want to laze around and snack on things that are available to you at all hours of the day. It’s time to get on top of that again!



Fix your sleep schedule


The first step to getting your health back up to speed is handling your sleep schedule. When you don’t have to leave your home to get to work anymore, it’s very easy to let your strict sleeping routine slip through the cracks. You don’t have a long drive, others aren’t going to be seeing you throughout the whole day – you’re free to sleep as little as you want. In any case, it’s not good for your body and mind. Just because you have the freedom to, doesn’t mean you should. Having a solid sleeping pattern can bring huge benefits to your mental health.


Check up with the professionals


If you’ve put off your last appointments due to lockdown or the complications of the pandemic, it’s possible that it’s been quite a while since your last checkup. You should call up your doctor as soon as possible and book your health checkup for when you’re next available. It might not sound like a big deal, but at any point, your body could be going through underlying issues that are yet to present themselves to you. You’ll want to make sure there’s nothing to worry about, and that any fall in your routine hasn’t damaged your physical health.  A lot of issues show up in the form of headaches and other strange pains that you can’t work out where they have come from. Using advanced techniques such as neurofeedback therapy you can get to the bottom of any headaches or mental issues you might be concerned about.


Just the same as your doctor, your dentist is also very important. You can’t forget to make sure you get your oral hygiene checked on. You can check out Yerba Buena Dentistry if you’re not currently registered with a dentist, and make sure that everything is fine and there are no preventable issues coming up. It’s not easy to identify these issues on your own, and there might be a serious problem on the horizon that you won’t know about until you’re told by a professional. Ignoring your dental hygiene can have serious consequences, so the sooner you go for your checkup, the better!


Baby steps

Remember that when you’re getting your life back on track, it’s not always best to try to do it all in one go. While that method might work for some people, it’s going to take a lot of discipline to stick to it. It’s best to go at your own pace and make small steps and goals along the way. Once you’re sure you can stick to one improvement, consider making a change in something else. If you can’t find your pace, it’s going to be difficult to make any progress at all.

Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Confidence

Most of us go through stages when our confidence levels fall. If you have low self-esteem, it can be difficult to build your confidence up, but there are solutions. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple steps you can take to supercharge your self-confidence. 


Active lifestyles

Confidence and healthy living often go hand in hand. We tend to think about exercise as a means of toning the muscles and boosting heart health, but it also has incredible benefits for mental wellbeing. When you work out, or you go for a hike, a bike ride or a swim, for example, your body releases endorphins, known as happy hormones, and the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain increase. Being more active can help to reduce stress and anxiety, lift your mood and clear your head if you’re busy at work or you have a lot on your plate. Exercise can also be beneficial for body image, particularly if you’re keen to lose weight, gain muscle or streamline your silhouette. 

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-running-2824020/


Revamping your style

Many of us have found ourselves in a style rut at least once in our lifetimes. If you’ve had the same haircut for years, you’ve given up going to the salon to freshen up your roots or you wear the same jeans and t-shirt combinations every day, it’s time to spend a little time on yourself and revamp your style and image. Treat yourself to a new cut and color, add a few pieces to your wardrobe, visit a beauty counter and buy some new makeup or skincare products, or get the piercing or tattoo you’ve been thinking about getting for a while. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make yourself look and feel amazing. From eyebrow piercing jewelry and highlights in your hair to a new outfit or a touch of color for your lips or eyes, simple touches can make all the difference. 


Positive relationships

The relationships we have with other people can make or break us in terms of confidence and self-esteem. Try to surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good. Don’t feel pressured to spend time with anyone who puts you down or makes you feel worthless. Always prioritize quality over quantity when building your social circle. Keep true friends close and distance yourself from people who have a negative impact on your mental health. 


Taking time out

We live our lives at a hundred miles per hour today, and sometimes, we have so much going on that we don’t have time to work on and take care of ourselves. Try to schedule downtime and time out for hobbies and interests, socializing and doing activities that help you to relax or make you feel alive. From hiking, kayaking and rock climbing to baking, drawing, painting, reading, playing tennis or doing yoga, it’s so beneficial to take time out for yourself. 

Image credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/yoga-asana-pose-hatha-woman-girl-2959226/


Increasing your confidence levels can be challenging, but there are ways to supercharge your self-esteem. Look after yourself, take time out, surround yourself with positive people, treat yourself to a style revamp and try to be more active.

From Couch Potato To 5k

It’s no secret that running as a form of exercise offers some amazing health benefits.  There are a few to be a little wary of as well, especially for women.  Things to consider include the right type of sports bras and footwear and if you’re closer to 40 than thirty, you also need to think about osteoporosis and how to deal with menstrual pain while practicing.  The most important thing to know about training for a 5k (just over 3 miles), is that you’ll need consistency and a solid, goal-driven plan to get you there.


One of the top things to know is that running is for (just about) everyone.  Unless you have a particular injury that might prevent you from taking up running regularly, just about anyone can start irrespective of your current level of skill. If you’re wanting to start running as a form of weigh-loss and you are a little on the overweight side, definitely check with your GP first to make sure that you’re not going to place undue stress on your body, but even if you’re a plus-size lady, you can still get started.

Image By Pexels




The program was first devised by Josh Clarke of the site cool running. Now, the site may not be active anymore but the advice is still rock solid.  3, 30-minute workouts a week will get you there.  Now the plan contains more detail than we can fit into this post so for the complete version, click here.

But the plan focuses on building up your ability over time, but consistently and this means a 5-minute brisk walk, followed by 1-minute jogging or running and 1:30 minutes of walking ratio.  This increases solidly from workout to workout and before you know it, you’ll be running like a pro.


Both running and jogging are a great form of cardiovascular exercise, this is true but what other benefits are there to this type of workout?




  • As both running and jogging are weight-bearing exercises, they build bone strength over time.
  • Running strengthens muscles and increases muscle elasticity
  • Dramatically improved cardiovascular strength and efficiency
  • You’ll burn plenty of kilojoules and this means that,
  • You can maintain a healthy weight


One of the biggest mistakes that every new runner makes is thinking that there is a quick solution to get to that 5k and that’s part of the lesson here.  You’re going to learn discipline and goal setting and this is going to reinforce the reward system of your brain.  This doesn’t even include the fabulous bragging rights you’re going to enjoy at the office or with your friends.  Correction, especially with your friends.  Plus, you’re going to see really awesome improvements in your overall fitness levels.


With solid and consistent training, taking the time to record your times’ distances and increases (based on your plan), you’ll quickly start achieving, and nothing and we do mean nothing motivates more than success, so celebrate the victories no matter how small they are.


Injuries also have a way of putting new runners off (or established runners for that matter) and this means that many give up before they’ve even properly started.  Knee pain is a common potential side-effect of injury so be aware of that and learn how to wrap your knee up with a KT tape for runner’s knee.

5 Simple Ways To Invest in Your Health

5 Simple Ways To Invest in Your Health

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An important aspect of a person’s life is their health. Therefore, people need to invest in their health to live their lives to the fullest for more extended periods, regardless of whether that investment is financial or not. Fortunately, investing in one’s health is far easier than most people think, thanks to the abundance of options available. here are a few

  • Preventive and protective healthcare 


Preventing ill health is more beneficial and efficient than curing an ailment. As a result, you should ensure that you receive preventive healthcare regularly, which will allow you to identify any problems and address them sooner rather than later. This can be quite expensive; however, it is an excellent investment in your health. Also, this form of healthcare ensures that you have secured your health for the future. For example, using services like Medicare fully explained as a health insurance coverage with an investment component is one of the complete health resource centers with approved and experienced medical professionals to ensure your health is as safe as possible. You will want to go to places like Medicare on Video because they have the unique ability to find the best plan for you.

  • Seek proper education about your healthy and healthy lifestyle changes 


People who wish to invest in their health should first educate themselves about what they need to do to be as healthy as possible. Fortunately, there is a wealth of knowledge available both on the Internet and through other sources. With that in mind, be sure to only interact with reputable and reliable resources to avoid being fed with false information.

  • Adopt healthy sleeping habits 


Sleeping for seven to nine hours each night is critical for your immune system, memory, metabolism, and cognitive functioning, as well as ensuring that you have enough energy to get through the day. Sleep and weight gain are also linked, as studies show that people who sleep for less than five hours or more than nine hours are more likely to gain weight. Also, during sleep, the body naturally heals and regenerates. You will want to ensure you get the required amount of sleep each night to keep your health on track. 

  • Actively manage your stress levels


Stress is an inevitable component of everyday living. That does not, however, imply that people are powerless to deal with the stress problem. However, different people respond to other stress management approaches, so trial and error may be necessary. Some people choose to meditate, for example. On the other hand, others may prefer to listen to music, watch television, or exercise.

  • Regular exercising and body therapy


People who want to invest in their health should set up regular exercise regimens as well. This is significant because exercise keeps people in good shape, lowering their risk of developing many serious medical diseases. Furthermore, exercise can improve people’s mood, which might have positive consequences for their mental and emotional health.


Your healthcare is essential to ensure you live a long and fulfilling life. These five simple tips are great healthy investments you should consider today!

Three Reasons To Pop Your Exercise Class Cherry

We all know and understand that exercise and movement play a key role in wellness but, with many of us failing to take steps towards actually making these benefits a reality, knowing those facts clearly isn’t always enough. Instead, we could all benefit from a significant kick up the exercise-based butt, and for many modern individuals, that boost comes in the form of a multitude of exercise classes.


From calming yoga sessions through to spin classes that can feel like a rather vigorous night in the club, there’s quite literally a class for everyone on the gym agenda. But, with the idea of group exercise daunting even the most confident of us, this selection doesn’t always encourage us into signing up. If you’re among the hesitant right now, then fear not – we’re going to consider precisely why you could benefit from popping your exercise class cherry.


Reason 1 – Instructor oversight


As well as leaving you at risk of injury, self-taught exercise approaches can often keep results off the table, thus causing you to give up before you’ve even given things a proper try. Unfortunately, personal training sessions can be expensive, not to mention that the pressure of a one-on-one focus can prove too much for many of us. Luckily, classes are always instructed by an expert in the field who has an eye on the entire class, rather than just you. With this professional oversight to hand, you’re far better able to a) grasp the essentials and b) receive individual instruction where you need it. By bringing results without far easier reach, and by generally simplifying even complex exercises, this professionalism makes it far more likely that you’ll stick around and even start to enjoy yourself.

Image Source: CC0 License


Reason 2 – A predetermined workout timeline


Knowing how long to leave for prime recovery between workouts is an area of confusion for many of us. Admittedly, stocking up from supplement stores and doing a little research can help both aid and ensure the recovery that you need, but that’s still not going to be a huge help if you get stuck in with weight lifting just a day after your first shot. To ensure that you’re working around those required recovery periods, exercise class timelines typically take this into account, providing you with the peace of mind necessary to know that your body’s raring to go when each session rolls around. 


Reason 3 – Company prevents complacency


Exercise classes also provide a fantastic chance to meet like-minded individuals in your local area. Even better, these friendships ensure that you can’t just dip out of exercise whenever you fancy. Instead, your fellow class attendees are in the ideal possible to hold you responsible. Knowing that they’ll spot any sessions you miss should certainly be all the reason you need to turn up on that mat every week and enjoy the benefits of doing so!


Joining any class can be daunting, but trust us when we say that taking the plunge on an exercise class near you could change your life, and certainly your fitness!

7 Common Sports Injuries (And How To Treat/Prevent Them)

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Most people that partake in a physically active sport will suffer a sports injury at some point. Below is a guide to the most common sports injuries, as well as how to treat them and how to prevent them. 

Ankle sprains

Ankle injuries are often sustained by running or jumping – usually when your foot comes down too heavily or wonkily. You can treat a sprained ankle by using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Try to avoid putting pressure on it by walking on it (and definitely avoid running and jumping). 

To prevent this type of injury, always take the time to warm up before running or jumping, avoid running on uneven ground and wear appropriate footwear (when running, wear running shoes). 

Knee sprains

Knee sprains are often caused by turning the leg in an unnatural way, in turn stretching or tearing the ligament. Treatment is much the same as an ankle sprain – use the RICE method and avoid walking on that leg too much if you can.

To avoid knee sprains, always take time to warm up and wear appropriate shoes. You could also consider wearing a knee brace. 

Shin splints

Pain along the shin is known as a shin splint. It is often caused by excessive running or jumping, which results in the shin bone becoming inflamed. To treat shin splints, use the RICE method and try to walk gently.

You can prevent shin splint injuries by stretching your calves and hamstrings before exercise and by training on soft surfaces where possible (especially when doing running and jumping). Good shoes can also help.   

Groin pull

Groin pull can occur when sharply raising the leg. It is common in activities like football, martial arts and dancing. Use the RICE method when treating groin pull. Physical therapy and stretching may also help.

Stretching and warming up your thigh muscles before exercise can help to prevent groin pull. Leg raising activities can be great for preventing groin pull. 

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow results in a pain within the elbow, often as a result of repetitive arm movements. Tennis players are the most likely to get this injury (hence the name), however any sport that involves repetitive arm swinging motions can cause it. The RICE method can help, although physiotherapy is often needed for more serious pain.

To prevent tennis elbow, make sure to warm up and stretch the forearm before exercise. Avoid using a tennis racket or other equipment that is too heavy – find a weight that is right for you.

Broken bones

Broken bones are most commonly caused by a direct blow or a fall. Such injuries can range from broken teeth to a fractured collar bone. Broken bones cannot be treated oneself – you’ll need to see a doctor to put the injury in a cast or you’ll need to book an appointment at your local dental office to possibly do some reconstruction. Of course, the RICE method can help while waiting for treatment.

Protective equipment may help to prevent broken bone injuries. This could include shin guards or a gumshield. You should also avoid training on hard surfaces where falls are likely to have greater impact. 


When trauma forces a bone out of place, this is known as a dislocation. Such injuries are common in contact sports or sports where there is a risk of falling on a hard surface. You’ll often need to see a doctor to get treatment for a dislocation.


To prevent dislocations, wear protective equipment and safety precautions against falls. Be wary that once you’ve dislocated a joint, you’re more susceptible to a dislocation in the future.

Stress-Fighting Strategies You Can Try At Home

We all experience bouts of stress now and then. Sometimes the pressures of the day can pile up and we simply need a moment to decompress. However, some people experience stress on a much more regular basis, to the point that it may be essential to find some home strategies you can use to find relief and get back on an even keel.

Photo – Pixabay License


Take a moment to yourself

One of the oldest practices in managing stress remains one of the most widely recommended and respected until this day. We are talking, of course, about meditation. Meditation is all about slowing your day right down and taking the time to truly focus on yourself, which can help both calm down your body, slowing your heart rate, while also allowing your mind to refocus itself on different things. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to concentrate on the physical sensations of your body to take the spotlight away from the thoughts that might be causing stress and anxiety, for instance.


Taking the herbal approach

Herbal remedies have been helping us manage stress for as long as stress has been understood as a concept. For instance, a couple of the most widely recommended calming teas to help stave off stress include mint and chamomile, with their aromatic properties widely reputed to offer real relief. For stronger approaches, making your own cannabis products (where legal) with the help of accessories like a rosin press might be able to help you make your own home remedies. Essential oils are often widely used, with ylang-ylang being one of the most popular for helping to manage stress.


Don’t underestimate the power of distraction

Sometimes, you need nothing more than to get away from your own thoughts for a moment. Meditation is designed to help with this, but some people can’t escape their thoughts unless they have something entirely different to occupy them with. To that end, you might want to look at some of the hobbies that can help distract you away from stress, with creative hobbies often being recommended as some of the most helpful. Even something as simple as using coloring books has helped a lot of people manage their stress in much the same way that meditation might.


Get moving

It might seem like an easy recommendation to say that you should exercise more. It’s one of those healthy habits that can seemingly help with just about anything, after all. However, that doesn’t make it any less true. Physical fitness and mental health are closely tied. Aside from improving self-esteem, confidence, and mood in the long term, it also helps in the short term by releasing neurotransmitters such as endorphins that can immediately boost your mood. They don’t call it a “runner’s high,” for nothing, you are effectively self-medicating when you exercise.


If you’re experiencing chronic stress, then simply finding relief might not be enough. Consider talking to your doctor about the kind of treatments available and look at the root causes of your stress to see if they can be alleviated.

Finding The Right Level Of Care For Your Loved Ones

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It’s very common for people to need care once they reach old age. Living as an elderly person can be uncomfortable and challenging, and a lot of people find it hard once they reach this point in their life. Of course, though, when you have loved ones in this position, you can work hard to make a positive difference in their life. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring a range of different care options and the level of support that they offer, giving you the chance to decide which option is best for the person you’re looking after.


Provided By You


Many people choose to provide care to their loved ones as they begin to struggle with their independence. This can be a difficult process, but it should work fine if the person you’re caring for doesn’t have serious needs. Helping to deal with medication and simple tasks like getting dressed is fine, but it is usually best to avoid going beyond this and into the realm of personal care with someone you love. Of course, that isn’t to say that you can’t go this far.


Home Care


Home care is exactly how it sounds; caregivers will come to your loved one’s home and give them the support they need. This can be great for those with minor personal care needs, with trained caregivers being able to do far more than most people. Of course, you can usually continue this sort of care for longer if you are willing to have your loved one’s house adapted for their needs. Wet rooms and railings can be a good start, and some people go as far as installing hoists and other mechanisms to make life easier.


Care Homes


Care homes offer a similar service to home care, only your loved one will have to go and live in their facility. This can be quite costly, but the price will often be worth it for the level of care that your loved one is able to receive. With employees always on the clock, the people you care about will be looked after no matter what, and this can be a great source of comfort when you are worried about a family member.


Hospital Care


Finally, as the last kind of care to keep in mind, it’s time to consider the hospital. While this sort of care can be expensive in many places, it can also often be essential. Even if your loved one doesn’t like the idea of going to a hospital, this is something that you should try and push for when their condition becomes very difficult or uncomfortable. Thankfully, your care provider will usually be able to help with this decision.


As you can see, looking after an elderly family member comes with a lot of options. P9icking the right kind of care for the people you love can be a big challenge, but there are plenty of people out there that can help with this process.