Empowering Tech For The Future Generations

We live in an age of high technology. While psychologists have warned parents not to over-indulge when it comes to tech devices with their children, there is a lot to be said for incorporating technology in a child’s everyday’s life. Indeed, there is a natural and justified fear of dragging the intellectual and emotional quotients down through premature usage. Many toddlers today struggle to establish healthy social behaviors because they are stuck in front of a tablet screen from a young age. As a result, developing speech and making friends are skills that appear much later than in previous generations. 

Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea to keep kids away from technology. In fact, for a lot of children, technology is an empowering element of their day-to-day lives. More importantly, it has the power of eliminating differences. 

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Molly Burke has praised screen readers

Most people think of the e-reader as a smart tool that lets them transport an entire library when they go on holiday. Not only can you carry a lot of different books in just one device, but you’ll be pleased to know that e-books tend to be a lot cheaper than paper prints. What you might not know, though, is that some e-readers can also read out the story, letting readers listen to their favorite novels. For the blind population, it is a fantastic approach that makes a lot of books immediately accessible. Some authors also offer an audio format for their novels which can be downloaded directly on to your smartphone. Blind vlogger, Molly Burke, is especially vocal about assistive technology. She has shown in many videos that she uses gadgets that can speak to her to get on with her day, whether she’s preparing a presentation on her laptop or answering text messages on her smartphone. For a child who is struggling with visual impairment and its limitations, listening to Molly’s videos is a source of confidence and hope. As Molly says, she uses everyday technology as part of her interactions with the world, as a reader, a motivational speaker, and a positive vlogger. 


Hearing impairments are a thing of the past 

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a British vlogger who is very open about her disabilities. Jessica is deaf, but she doesn’t let it affect her life. Wearing hearing aids helps her to improve her speech and sound like a non-deaf person, as she explains. However, Jessica wasn’t born deaf, which means she could learn the language without relying on hearing aids or cochlear implants. Nevertheless, she points out the importance of learning how to speak clearly, as most people around deaf kids don’t know sign language.  

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Most empowering tech of all is video

The most incredible thing that technology lets children do, today, is to discover the story of role models such as Jessica and Molly, who have learned to manage their handicap. Vloggers like these two ladies are breaking the cliches and showing kids that there is a life beyond handicap. It’s not the technology that supports their routine that matters, it’s the technology that brings their routine to our screens.


Technology can be the most fantastic tool to let kids who would usually struggle with handicapping issues achieve their dreams. By introducing children to people who don’t let their handicap define them, it offers a bright future to all.

Must Try Street Foods That Have Gone Gourmet

Street food has experienced a major boom in popularity in recent years, with dedicated street food markets and more trucks popping up all over the world selling elevated versions of the sort of food you used to only buy after a few beers. This surge in popularity also means that the foods themselves have gone somewhat upmarket. Some foods you’d usually buy from a vendor on a street corner are worth going gourmet for. Here are the ones that nobody should miss out on.

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Scotch Eggs

This UK favorite was once a cheap snack popular at picnics. Now, however, these treats are a staple of popular, trendy dining. Inside of cheap sausage meat and small, over-cooked eggs, they’re now made with quail eggs, quality meat, and unusual extras like black pudding, curry spices or different meats. 



Forget stale pretzels and instead buy quality, like the options from Eastern Standard Provisions. Pretzels now come made from the best ingredients, with toppings from chocolate sugar to chili salt.


Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has long been a favorite snack after a night out, but it’s gone much further than the classic secret blend of herbs and spices from the colonel. Fried chicken can now be found on the menus of upmarket venues, except now the chicken is korean or japanese. It comes with kimchi or cooked in the karaage style. Try different styles and flavors to find the kind of fried chicken you like best. 


Hot Dogs

A hot dog was once a snack of questionable origin, eaten with cheap mustard at the baseball game. Now, dedicated hot dog shops offer options made with high quality dogs piled high with extravagant toppings. Your hot dog might come topped with all the trimmings of your favorite Mexican dish, a Vietnamese Banh Mi or all the makings of a great breakfast. There are even great vegan hot dogs available on the market now. 


Mac and Cheese

Forget the stuff your Mom made on busy nights that came out of a box. Macaroni Cheese has gone gourmet. Expect well cooked pasta loaded with multiple kinds of fancy cheese, and topped with delicious things like chorizo, a fried egg and even truffle. This indulgent treat has got even more indulgent. 



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that burgers are having a serious moment after a gourmet upgrade. You can find burgers using aged beef, wagyu, truffle, and so many toppings you can hardly eat them on most menus. Even Michelin star chefs are adding burgers to their menus, which is a clear sign that a burger is no longer just a snack to be ordered from a van. 


Dirty Fries

Forget ordering a bag of fries on your way home from the bar. Dirty fries, whether they’re topped with nachos and sour cream or truffle shavings and parmesan, are here to stay. No self respecting foodie would dream of missing out on the offering of dirty fries at their favorite eateries.

Four Positive Habits to Protect Your Future Health

When you are still young and fairly healthy, it can feel strange to even contemplate getting old, let alone living in a way that promotes health later in life. What young person wants to spend their time contemplating old age? But unless you spare a thought for your older self now, you’re less likely to build healthy habits into your lifestyle, which can be detrimental to your health prospects in the long-term.


So you do you look after your health as you age and promote longevity through your daily habits? These tips will help you live in a way that promotes longevity.

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Build Self-Esteem


Studies show that having a positive self-esteem improves adherence to health-promoting habits in your day to day life. In other words, if you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to set up healthy habits and stay motivated to do them on a daily basis. For many of us, a large element of good self-esteem is related to how good we feel about our appearance. This doesn’t mean that we should try to live up to unrealistic and toxic beauty standards, but that we should take pleasure in looking healthy and well. Maintaining an appearance that helps you feel confident is one way to stay young at heart. Whether you invest in All on 4 Dental Implants or take the time to get your nails done, looking after your appearance can help you feel youthful as you begin to age.


Eat The Rainbow


You’ve heard over and over again: a diet full of nutrient-rich and natural foods is crucial for a healthy body. Not only does maintaining a healthy diet help you find balance in terms of your energy levels, but it also aids your body’s natural defense mechanisms in the fight against diseases. There is a common misunderstanding that you can eat whatever you want when you’re young, as your body is more resilient. In fact, what you eat now directly impacts your health when you start to age. Everything from your bone health to your skin depends on getting sufficient nutrients over time. The sooner you start to eat well, the sooner you will notice a difference in your overall physical health. What’s more, you’ll be investing in the health of your body for years to come.

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Drink Lots of Water


Drinking lots of water every day is one of the best ways to ensure that you age well. For an average-sized adult, eight large glasses is a good rule of thumb when you’re working out how much water you need for the day. Drinking this much water might not be easy at first, and you might find it difficult to remember to keep topping up your hydration. Until you have your routine down, it may help to set calendar reminders or stick post-it notes around your home or office as constant reminders that you should be sipping on a glass of water. Remember, coffee and tea are not considered a replacement for water because they actually cause dehydration, so if you do drink coffee or tea, make sure you’re drinking extra water to compensate.


Take Breaks At Work


A growing body of research is showing that one of the worst things you can do for your health is working too hard. Not only can working too hard result in burn-out (which will prevent you from being able to do anything as your body will be in shut-down mode) the constant stress can be extremely damaging to your long-term health, and contribute to a variety of health issues, especially when combined with other factors such as lack of sleep and poor diet. In this day and age, there is a strong cultural pressure to be constantly productive, so it’s important to make a conscious effort to resist the pressure and take breaks when you need them.


The key to making your breaks beneficial to your health is to make them regular, and ensure that your breaks are proper breaks. Rather than waste little bits of time throughout the day on activities that are not restful and yet are not productive (like scrolling Instagram or reading the news online) it’s better to set aside time for genuine rest. For example, a ten-minute walk around the block after lunch can do wonders for your attention span, and help you feel ready for the afternoon ahead. Or, rather than eating your lunch at your desk, be sure to take a good old fashioned lunch break


Whether you’re twenty-five or forty-five, setting good habits in your day-to-day life is a great way to promote longevity and ensure your future health.


Top 5 Pros and Cons of Golf Resort Living

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Over the years, it’s clear that the popularity of golf has rapidly increased. And with this popularity, comes the uprise of golf resort living.


 Many people across the world have decided to move to a golf resort because of the numerous benefits that come with it. It’s especially popular for those who are looking to retire in a place that’s peaceful and gives them the opportunity to take part in a sport that requires less stamina. There is also plenty of resorts to choose from, including homes for sale near the Wigwam and other renowned golf courses. 


Although there are many benefits that you can reap from moving to a golf resort, it’s clear that it’s not for everyone. If you’re considering moving to one, here is a list of the top 5 pros and cons of golf resort living to help make your decision a little easier:


Firstly, let’s start with the pros:



  • Community Feel



One of the main things that people look for when they move house is a community which is welcoming and friendly. Golf resorts are known for this, as they are often enclosed areas filled with amenities and opportunities for socializing. 


With a clubhouse nearby, you will be able to attend a wide range of events throughout the years, in which you can get to know your neighbors. The perfect place to retire or even raise your family (some golf resorts have schools on their doorstep), the possibilities for socializing are endless.



  • Facilities and Amenities 



Golf resorts have several facilities and amenities available for you to enjoy. From luxurious spas to shops, restaurants and pools, there is plenty for you to take full advantage of when you are living there. One thing to consider with these amenities, however, is that they might be an extra cost each year. So it’s important to check the terms and conditions before deciding on the best golf course for you and your family. 



  • Exercise Opportunities 



This might be an obvious pro with living in a golf resort, but nonetheless, it’s an important one! If you love to play golf, you can take full advantage of the beautiful course that’s next to your new home. Golf is a great sport in terms of getting you active and keeping your brain functioning. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air – instead of sitting inside watching TV. 


Now, onto the cons.



  • Lack of Privacy 



One downside about moving to a golf resort is that there is a lack of privacy. As all of the houses are located next to each other, you might have the feeling as though you are being constantly watched by your neighbors. If your house backs onto the golf course, you might also be at risk of broken windows from stray golf balls.



  • The Noise 



All of these amenities come with a price. And that’s the noise that they bring. As you will be located next to a golf course, you might have to deal with the inevitability of the noise of landscapers and even loud players. Now, golf isn’t known for being a loud sport per say, but with the number of people that will be visiting the resort, it’s clear that it could potentially be an issue.



  • The Restrictions



One downside that people often don’t realize is the restrictions that come with moving to a golf resort. Many golf resorts impose restrictions on residents living within the community. Regulated by a homeowners association, you might not be able to build onto your home or make changes to the exterior. If you want to find out what restrictions are imposed on the property, make sure that you read the fine print before purchasing.

Good Vibes Only: Habits For More Happiness

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we only did things that generated good vibes in our lives? If we cut out all the habits that made us feel yucky, and most of the people that harmed our well being as well. Of course, completely doing this isn’t usually possible, but taking steps toward a more positive life is. Something that the post below discusses in more detail. 

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Mood management 


We don’t get taught it at school, but knowing how to evaluate your mood and what to do to regulate it is a vital skill. Unfortunately,  some people can find doing things with the sole purpose of improving their mood quite tricky. Perhaps because they have been brought up to focus solely on external achievements such as their career or looks. 

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Happily, with a little guidance and effort on your part, you can reprogram yourself to value acts that help to healthy regulate your mood. In fact, many people begin to enjoy and get such benefit from these that they start to incorporate them into daily life, no matter how they are feeling. 


Healthy habits 


Basically, we all know that creating healthy habits will result in positive benefits in our lives. However, sometimes to clear space for these, we need to give up negative patterns of behavior as well. Of course, this can be tough, especially as negative patterns of behavior such as addiction can be manipulative coping mechanisms that we have used for a long time. 


That is why, for those that have an addiction, treatment options such as going into sober living for women can be the best choice. In fact, it can really help them to give up their harmful habits and focus on the positive one wants to create. Something that in turn can create the mental, physical and emotional space for newer more positive habits and coping mechanisms to form. 


Surround yourself with positivity 


They say we become like the people we spend the most time with. Ergo, if you spend your days around positive, enthusiastic people that are motivated to make a real change, this is bound to rub off on you. 



Of course, that may mean making some pretty significant changes in your life. You may even need to re-evaluate your friendships and other relationships to see if they are really serving your well being in the long run. Although, as this can help you be happier and more successful, many people believe it to be worth it. 


Spread kindness


It has long been known that by being kind to others, we can also have a positive effect on our own mood. Of course, social media can present a real challenge to this, especially when we come across people whose views or behavior we disagree with. 



Although such encounters could be framed as an opportunity. The chance to spread a little love and kindness in the world if you will. Why not try this the next time you come across online negativity, instead of getting sucked down into the mire? It may just work wonders! 

5 Simple Ways To Regain Your Motivation For Fitness

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Motivation is one o the most important ingredients in the recipe or business success. If you don’t have it, there’s very little chance of reaching your goals or even pushing yourself during sessions. Rediscovering the eye of the tiger is essential.


Here are five of the best methods available.


#1. Sign Up For An Event


It’s easy to keep putting things off until tomorrow, especially when you do not have a set deadline. Signing up for an organized half marathon or another competitive event can work wonders. Knowing that you have 20 weeks, for example, to prepare for the event will encourage you to set a comprehensive training plan. Once you start that process, you’ll be far more likely to stay on track. For an added source of incentive, you may also wish to consider raising money for charity in the process.


#2. Reward Yourself


In many ways, increased health and fitness is its own reward. As far as your mind is concerned, though, it’s important to find other treats along the way. It could be something as simple as making a grilled cuban sandwich upon completion of your hardest session of the week. Or it may mean buying the new outfit for reaching the next milestone on your weight loss journey. A combination o small regular rewards and larger celebrations should work wonders. Just be sure that those ideas won’t knock you off track.


#3. Aid Your Body


It’s very difficult to find the motivation for workouts when your body aches. While you should feel the burn during workouts, you don’t want to be dreading the experiences prior to workouts. Yoga can be a particularly effective solution as it will make the body stronger and more flexible. Nonetheless, you must additionally think about the rest and recovery procedures after workouts. Warm downs and stretches are vital while sleep should be on the agenda too. When you feel stronger and more comfortable, finding the incentive to hit the gym is easy.


#4. Gain A Competitive Edge


Injecting a social element by working out with a friend can dangle a proverbial carrot in front of you. Perhaps more importantly, though, their success serves as a proverbial stick. Your desire to outperform them on smartphone fitness Apps or on the playing field will spur you on. Similarly, your success will do the same for them. In turn, you should both see major improvements in your overall fitness covering speed, strength, and stamina. Better still, it’ll prevent you from making excuses to skip sessions.


#5. Visualize Your Future Self


Let’s face it; there was a reason you started this journey in the first place. Whether it was to improve your self-confidence, impress a crush, or achieve sporting goals doesn’t matter. Learning to focus on the person you want to become is crucial if you want to stay on the right track. The rewards will be even greater than you imagined, but can only be achieved if you stay motivated. Train your brain to stay focused on the destination, and the journey should become far smoother.

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How The House Of Today Preserves Your Health

Do you remember watching the Jetsons and dreaming of the day when you’ll have your very own robot?

The day is now. You’re looking around in disbelief. There is no robot in the house, you claim. You’re right; there’s nothing that looks like Rosey – the robotic maid and housekeeper of the family in today’s home. However, it doesn’t mean that our homes have failed to embrace the 21-century innovations. On the contrary, today’s properties have the potential to be a lot smarter – or at least they would be if we took advantage of all the helpful features and functions available. However, most homeowners think of smart home tech as a gadget that can save then precious time. In reality, a high-tech household can also improve your health. Here’s how: 

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It keeps you mobile

We all have to face that dreadful moment when age affects your balance and mobility. Additionally, when age isn’t an issue, sometimes external events can make it more difficult for you to roam freely through your home. Something such as a life-changing accident can turn your lovely wooden staircase into an insurmountable obstacle that stands between you and your bedroom. But when moving out isn’t an option, you can consider the addition of a stair lift to make the most of your home again. Alternatively, a lift is also an excellent option for anybody concerned about maintaining their independence in old age. 


It reduces allergens and pollutants 

You can find automated vacuum robots that can be controlled through Alexa – which means that you only have to ask for your house to be cleaned! However, it’s fair to say that cleaning devices are nowhere as capable as Rosey. More often than not, you have to manage a lot of the day-to-day chores by yourself, from decluttering to choosing fragrance-free products, if you’re going to maintain your interior clean and allergen-free. However, you can introduce smart allergen-monitor to your decor, to help check your indoor air. Indeed, brands such as Dyson have developed elegant air filters and moisturizers that actively remove pollutants from your air and keep it feeling fresh. 


It tracks your shopping 

Why should you go to the shop when your fridge can directly order everything you need? Smart fridges are still in their infancy, but there is no denying that for a lot of households, they can be a complete game-changer. Indeed, not only can they track your ingredients and automatically pass orders through a virtual assistant to replace low stocks, but they can also become your best fitness partner. If fridges can be programmed to track what they contain, they can also be programmed to buy healthy foods. 


It controls the temperature

Lastly, smart temperature monitors have revolutionized the modern home. They let you set your heating remotely. Smart sensors that can adjust the temperatures based on collected data – such as outdoor weather and your health – have been tested in self-sufficient homes to reduce costs and keep the house cozy. What’s stopping you from automating your heater to suit your real-time needs? 


While there’s no Rosey in sight, today’s homes are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for. They can effectively take care of us, from giving us back our lost mobility to making sure we get all our nutrients.

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