You Could Be Damaging Your Home!

If you think about the amount of money you’ve spent on your home, from the deposit and mortgage you’ve been paying so far, to the money you will have invested into the house by doing it up over the years. It’s going to add up to quite a lot, isn’t it? So, the last thing you want to do is…

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It’s Time To Get Serious About Your Workout

When it comes to exercise, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your body is feeling the strain after an hour or so. And that’s good, it means you’re using your muscles in the right way, and you’re allowing them to grow back a lot stronger than they used to be. However, if you’re only doing a few…

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Ingredient Swaps for Improved Mental Health

Image source   It’s something that isn’t always mentioned in conjunction with mental health, but there are several common ingredients that are pretty bad for the brain and which can make our mental health worse. By avoiding them, we can improve our brain health and start to feel a little (or a lot) better.   Here are some of the…

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Real Estate

10 Steps to go from a Renter to a Buyer

Home buying can be scary! Especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck and see no way out of it. I want to share some quick tips on how to go from paying way too much on rent to actually owning your own home. Apply at a mortgage company, this will tell you what you can afford and how much…

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